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Anyone living in Western Australia?

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sunhappy Tue 15-Jul-08 05:29:58

Or am I the only one? Everyone seems to be in Sydney.

eidsvold Tue 15-Jul-08 06:43:14

no suzywong is in Perth as is Israel from memory.

I am in Brisvegas.

israel Thu 17-Jul-08 11:34:26

I am in Perth....
Both suzywong and myself have been here for a few yrs...and have talked about meeting up...but sadly we have not managed it yet.
Where are you.....??
You said 2 hrs away from Perth.
Two hours by car...plane???

Maybe now there are 3 of us here....we could have our west coast meet up??

sunhappy Mon 21-Jul-08 06:55:53

Hello 2 hrs by car! Nr Bunbury

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