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Help from the peeps who live in Oz please

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lukeysmummy Sat 12-Jul-08 21:43:26

have any of you moved from the uk over to Oz

how did you find out you were able to go etc
my dad was in the Oz army he moved back to the uk & sadly died 3 years ago im not from Oz but i do have a sister who is so far i havent been able to track her down

we are seriously considering emmigrating loads of people say we will have no probs cos of my dad etc

i was kinda hoping i we emigrate i could do my nurse training over there (not sure if i have the entry requirements)

been looking on the web for stuff about emigrating but its a bit complicated

any advice anyone

thanks Lorna

chloeb2002 Sun 13-Jul-08 05:38:21

i dont know what your sitiaution is... like what does your husband do etc? Age? previous qualifications?
If your husband could find work here and you can afford tuition fees here you could possibly apply to study nursing here as an international student. but it isnt cheap.
Look at this
your dad probably wont help because he isnt resident any more.
how about training as a nurse in the uk then coming to australia?

claudiaschiffer Sun 13-Jul-08 06:20:22

I agree with Chloe, it's probably best to do your nursing training in the UK then apply to move to Oz. Entry requirements are pretty strict, but if your dad was an Australian citizen you may be eligible to apply for Citizenship by descent - look here it may help.

I moved out to Australia with DH and DD 2 years ago. Lucky for us DH is Australian so it was relatively straightforward BUT my application for residency was still a nightmare of collecting proof that our marriage is genuine. So expect a bit of a tough time. There are agencies who can help you with the ins and outs of emigration but they are very expensive and offer no guarantees.

Oh, one thing worth considering is that some states are easier to get into than others ie South Australia (where we are) is far easier to get into than NSW for instance. So it may be worth applying to SA first. You then have to stay for (I think) 2 years before you can move to a different state - should you want to.

Good luck!

eidsvold Mon 14-Jul-08 02:21:10

Unless your father was an australian citizen then I do not see how he could help.

I would do as Chloe suggested.

What does your dh do? He could be on one of the wanted occupations list.

MY dh did it but as I am an aussie he came on a spousal visa. Dd1 had aussie citizenship by descent.

lukeysmummy Mon 14-Jul-08 07:06:25

My dad was sworn is it called so was classed a an australian citizen unfortunatly i cant really wait to do my nurse training her as my oldest ds is nearly 11 & to finish training etc it would take 5 years by which time i dont think ds would really want to emigrate & would be nearly old enough to leave home etc & i wouldnt want to leave any of my kids behind
i have done an online assesment & we both got accepted

eidsvold Mon 14-Jul-08 07:10:59

if you come as an overseas student then you may find that you have a lot of fees to pay on top of the standard educational fees. Unless you are an aussie citizen or perhaps with permanent residency(not sure about this) then you may find it very expensive to emigrate as well as have to pay your way through nursing school.

chloeb2002 Mon 14-Jul-08 21:53:44

If you both got accpted on an online assesment then you should be home and dry! they tend to try to fail you to get money out of you!

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