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MrsBigD Sat 05-Jul-08 23:55:57

O.k. let's get organised

Shall we aim for either weekend 18/19/20 or 25/26/27?

Starting off with a dinner somewhere (suggestions please as I have no idea) with the hard core drinkers going on afterwards? ;)

MrsBigD Sun 06-Jul-08 12:09:45


arfishy Mon 07-Jul-08 05:37:22

shock Hard Core Drinkers? Whatever gave you that impression wink.

I'm in posting from fiji because it's sodding raining too hot outside.

NineDs - nope, didn't get the booze smuggled onto the plane and also had to send DP home with the poncey French Thermal Aqua vita refreshing spray I'd packed in my hand luggage. Damn those new liquid restrictions. Did manage to eat the ham and cheese croissants and offend the surrounding few rows with my egg may sandwiches though grin.

Rightio, where are we thinking for restaurants? Beachside? CBD? Type of food?

I'm better for the second weekend, I'm trying to go ski-ing the first (I'm not normally this poncey but it's an interesting mix of the school holidays and end of contract for me, so I'm squeezing it all in).

MrsBigD Mon 07-Jul-08 06:31:46

hmmm I don't know... possible the champagne sipping ladies having to be kicked out at closing time? grinwink

No idea re restaurant location I'm new here and know nothing ;)

bamamama Mon 07-Jul-08 07:11:48

Now then. You lot (and I mean you lot in the nicest possible way) won't go and get all cliquey before next July will you?

I'm not going to be moving before then (and don't think dh would go with the incentive of "go on darling, it's for a MN meet-up") but will desperately need to drink cocktails fairly soon off the plane. And by reading your last thread you're just the ladies to do this with <stalker>.

Arfishy - hope you're enjoying Fuji - I'm assuming you're still bootcamping on holiday wink

sunnydelight Mon 07-Jul-08 09:01:16

I can't do the 26th - don't you know the Wallabies are playing the All Blacks that night? smile

At this stage any of the other evenings are an option. Food is a good idea.

ViolentFemme Mon 07-Jul-08 13:24:44

Hmm isn't the 18/19/20 the godfest weekend or something? Half the CBD is shut down for it?

Either weekend I'm up for it anyway.

Food is def a good idea.

MrsBigD Mon 07-Jul-08 22:18:02

25th it is then?

sunnydelight Tue 08-Jul-08 00:45:03

Yes VF, we don't want to get done for offending the pilgrims grin

25th works for me, now all we have to work out is where ...

aquasea Tue 08-Jul-08 01:21:27

Please may I come to the next meet up? [street urchin cap in hand emoticon]
Oh no, if I come to the next one you'll all know each other and I will be the only one who has to tie a cod to me so you'll recognise me. Damn those pesky inlaws. grin

MrsBigD Tue 08-Jul-08 03:26:39

Don't worry auquasea I only met sunny so far

arfishy Thu 10-Jul-08 01:12:14

Bama - of course I'm still bootcamping [hides triple layer burger and cocktail under table] wink. We promise not to get all cliquey. Perhaps I can patch you in live with Ninedragons at the same time grin

Ah yes, I'd forgotten the pope's visit. It's going to be a nightmare, we live very close to Randwick racecourse and the overflow parking comes down to us. Coogee is going to be wall-to-wall pilgrims. Although I suppose better than Hells Angels.

Hey VF - have you always been ViolentFemme, I've been reading it as Violet. [Dim Emoticon].

LOL at cod-wearing Aquasea. You'll be ok, MrsBigD has to go through the cod initiation ceremony too.

25th is fine for me too. Now, what sort of food do we want? I have to confess I've never really gone out for dinner in the CBD area so I'm a bit stuck. I'd suggest a dinner cruise on the harbour but that would leave no escape for first-timers grin.

brightongirldownunder Thu 10-Jul-08 02:14:19

Looks like 5 is fine for all of us then. I'll ask DH for recommendations on the restaurant front. There's a belgian mussel house by the Rocks. (That is MUSSEL not Belgian Muscle aka Jean Claude Van Damn!). Been there before - it was like Belgo's, if anyone's been there.

brightongirldownunder Thu 10-Jul-08 02:15:09

I meant 25TH!!

ninedragons Thu 10-Jul-08 03:09:45

I'd take the Hell's Angels over the Bible-thumpers any day.

You all have fun now, and don't forget your little foreign friend stuck in the land of flying spit, live chooks and motorcycles on pavements.

On our first weekend back, some arsehole taxi driver passed us a fake RMB100 (about A$12) note. I have it stuck on the fridge as a reminder of how much I can't wait to get out of here.

The upside is liver transplants to order, so after a few more mumsnet meetups I may need to return to China.

MrsBigD Thu 10-Jul-08 05:32:31

I'm with ninedragons re Hell's Angels vs Bible-bashers grin. Went to Key West when there was the biker festival on and even though they look scary they're all pretty cool... even when I accosted one of them to ask whether I can take a pic of him his cool tatoes and his bike ;)

Brightongirldownunder... I'd be for Jean Claude... I can't eat mussles ;)

plagueridden Thu 10-Jul-08 06:54:55

Ohhhh yes, don't get me started on the bible-bashers. angry Have been having extremely infuriating enlightening fights conversations recently with a few of them regarding their pig ignorant archaic interesting views on homosexuals. Lesson learned, never try to talk sense to those who have faith. It is a battle lost before it has begun.

<<skulks out of the room wondering when she will be able to keep her big mouth shut and hoping none of the Sydney MNers are gay bashers>>

ninedragons Thu 10-Jul-08 07:03:49

No Hell's Angel ever told a 12-year-old Guatemalan girl who'd been raped by her father that she had to keep the baby.

In my book that gives them the moral high ground.

MrsBigD Thu 10-Jul-08 07:56:13

I hear ya ninedragons... don't get me started...

plagueridden... I think we're pretty open minded as long as nobody tries to ram their 'believes' (be it religious or 'orientation') down our neck... am I right ladies? grin

sunnydelight Thu 10-Jul-08 10:17:13

We're off to the Hunter Valley for the weekend so it looks like I might be a good candidate for a visit to ninedragons by the end of July grin

Mrs BigD - have been meaning to get back to you all week, sorry. I'll call you after the weekend.

MrsBigD Thu 10-Jul-08 21:57:14

np sunnydelight I lost my mobile yesterday but dh got a call they found it at Coles! LOL so going to pick it up today Speak to you next week have fun in HV

MrsBigD Fri 11-Jul-08 07:54:39

so anybody for a venue?

MrsBigD Fri 11-Jul-08 07:57:54

has anybody been here?

Please note there's also a cocktail bar grin

ninedragons Fri 11-Jul-08 13:30:29

Cocktail bar? Well done, you've worked out how to reel them in!

Hope you all have a fabbo time. Only four months until I can join you again.....

MrsBigD Sat 12-Jul-08 09:22:49

well so I'm hoping grin

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