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If you were to emigrate for a better life, schools, bringing up family etc where would it be?

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seshi Thu 03-Jul-08 15:21:44

Just out of interest is anyone else starting to think that the UK isn't the greatest place to bring up children and thinking of moving abroad. If so what places spring to mind? And why? Has anyone already moved and regreted it? Or loving it?

beforesunrise Thu 03-Jul-08 17:07:32

we are thinking of switzerland... about to post on it now...

awayfromhome Thu 03-Jul-08 17:09:55

We have applied to Canada and expect another 5 year wait, in the meantime we are off to Singapore.

I want to go because I think that this country is rapidly going downhill - but perhaps everywhere else is as well sad

Sunshinemummy Thu 03-Jul-08 17:12:12

DP and I are considering going to live in Northern California as that is where his head office is based. He's spent a lot of time out there this year and it seems everyone has a fabulous lifestyle with big houses, big gardens and lots of outdoor life (mountains only a couple of hours away, beach only an hour away etc.).

Yorky Thu 03-Jul-08 17:25:25

DH and I would love to move to New Zealand, my Godmother emigrated with her family 12 yrs ago and they are all kiwis now. We have only managed to visit once but both loved it. Can't see DH moving till his Grandma dies though.
I also fancy Canada though, but not America or Australia! I'd enjoy France but DH would have language issues

seshi Thu 03-Jul-08 18:54:37

I lived in Singapore but was when I was single and before DS and DH srrived. Its very very safe, clean and a good base to explore Asia. Wine was sooo expensive though! I would love NZ but can't face leaving my Mum behind so far away as I am only child and she is single. So am thinking somewhere in Europe.

Lapsedrunner Thu 03-Jul-08 18:57:02

Just returned from 5 years in Austria (DH's job) but would happily go back there.

Mimsy2000 Thu 03-Jul-08 19:00:26

hubby, ds and i are emigrating to portland, oregan. good schools, affordable housing and weirdly, legal euthanasia [not a factor in our decision wink]

i love this country, have lived here for 8 years, but find it too hard to have a good life with kids.

geekgirl Thu 03-Jul-08 19:01:05

Australia - love the outdoor lifestyle and the weather and the wild life.
Sadly they don't want dd2 angry

Am quite happy where we are - schools are good, no crime, lovely scenery ... just crappy weather

seshi Thu 03-Jul-08 19:08:22

What was Austria like? DH quite fancies going there

Lapsedrunner Thu 03-Jul-08 19:19:08

Good bits = decent quality of life, slower pace of life, less crime, excellent transport, fantastic scenery, chance to ski, DC learn a 2nd language
Bad bits = language hurdle is a major consideration if you are really going to make a go of it, buraucratic(sp).

MmeBovary Thu 03-Jul-08 19:21:48

Moved to Belgium 2 years ago. Very family friendly though weather is sh*t! Would rather stay here than return to UK whilst dd is small but do so miss my friends sad

cyteen Thu 03-Jul-08 19:26:32

Canada or Spain, I reckon. Have never actually been to Canada but it seems like a very liberal, forward-thinking place with lots of amazing scenery and friendly people. Have been to Spain many times and love the landscapes, the culture, the language, the lifestyle, the food...everything really.

I realise it's never all gravy when you move somewhere new, and it's only living somewhere that lets you really get to know a place with all its pros and cons, but I would love to give my child a chance to grow up with another language and culture. Maybe we'll get to Spain one day...I don't think I could leave my family for Canada after everything that's happened.

toddlerhip Thu 03-Jul-08 19:29:07

I always had an impression that French teenagers were in general better behaved and more socialised and more grown up than, in general, British teenagers...??? And they don't think its weird that school is for working in.

pickie Thu 03-Jul-08 19:37:14

Australia (west coast) for me, slower and more outdoor life style, great place for kids I think. Dh was offered a job in Perth a long time ago and declined!! I told him to accept next time or divorce is on the cards!

seshi Thu 03-Jul-08 19:46:56

I worked in France when I was young and would say Toddlerhip is right about their teenagers. But France does still have issues. Still would say it's safer than UK now. I like France but DH not so sure

Kitsilano Thu 03-Jul-08 19:48:43

Vancouver or Geneva for me. Have lived in both and they would be brilliant places to bring up kids

SenoraPostrophe Thu 03-Jul-08 19:51:41

the thing is, there are shit places to bring up your children in all countries. and there are also good places to bring them up in the UK.

unless you're just talking about the weather, but constant high temperatures aren't all they're cracked up to be.

SexyMilf Thu 03-Jul-08 21:18:40

Have lived in both Australia and the Philippines and both were great.
Longterm we're now thinking about Canada or the USA as we have family there. I love England where we are now, but it's so hard to have a good quality of life as it's v expensive, friedns and family in Canada and US just seem to have so much more disposable income...

Sidge Thu 03-Jul-08 21:28:43

Funnily enough my brother, SIL and nephew emigrated to Australia (west coast) 18 months ago and plan to come back to the UK next year.

According to them the grass isn't greener.

I would like to go to Canada - I've never even visited but have heard good things about it!

cheesesarnie Thu 03-Jul-08 21:30:42


squeaver Thu 03-Jul-08 21:31:38

I'd go to Perth, Western Aus tomorrow if it weren't for family etc here (but we have friends there so would settle really easily)

geekgirl - shock and sad for you.

PhDlifeNeedsaNewLife Thu 03-Jul-08 21:32:00

I don't know about schools but we are going back to Oz this year for the better life.

Nighbynight Thu 03-Jul-08 21:42:12

Germany is fantastic, though you need to manage the school problem somehow (private school, private tuition, staying at home to tutor your children in the afternoons). The good news is that in Germany you might be able to afford to stay at home to tutor your children in teh afternoons.

peasoup Thu 03-Jul-08 21:49:54

Mimsy How do you get to emigrate to Portland? Are you or DH American? I'd love to spend some time there; couple of years maybe. Have a good friend there. Not visited but been lots to Northern California and lovely scenery and climate and architecture. Not keen on their addiction to the car and to fast food though. But I'd LOVE to emigrate there

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