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Moving back to the UK from Cyprus....getting close now and I am feeling very sad!!! How did you cope with it all?

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McDreamy Thu 15-May-08 09:43:31

I am looking forward to coming home in one way. I can't wait to spend time with all my friends and family, go shopping, watch some decent tv grin but I can't help feeling sad about the life we are going to leave behind here.

The weather is so fantastic, we live a very outdoor life, the beach is 2 minutes away, we live in a very small compact community with friends just around the corner.

We have also had a Filipino lady, Lucy, living with us for 2 years now and we are going to miss her so much. She has become part of the family.

I need to be positive for the children but now we have started talking about possible dates to return I am feeling quite down sad

SSSandy2 Sat 17-May-08 06:35:12

do you need to return? You don't sound ready for it

belgo Sat 17-May-08 07:01:39

I think I would be sad at leaving all of that as well (sorry, not helpful in the slightest).

McDreamy Sun 18-May-08 18:08:54

Yes we do have to return, we don't decide the RAF do sad

twoplusone Thu 10-Jul-08 22:27:40

Mcdreamy.. I still miss it and I havebeen in Germany now since Nov 2006... I would go back tommorrow..

Carmenere Thu 10-Jul-08 22:29:03

Oh I was in Cyprus last week, I wouldn't want to leave eitherenvy

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