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Kuala Lumpur anyone?

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DeeInMalaysia Mon 28-Apr-08 17:15:24

I'm moving to Kuala Lumpur at the beginning of June with a nearly 3 year old and an 11 month old because my partner got a job out there. We are really excited about the move but have never been there so any tips or advice would be welcome!


frauster Tue 06-May-08 19:03:15

only been on holiday/business, my last pre-pregnant holiday in fact. But did strike me as very child-friendly, clean and well-organised. UK plugs all work too! Brilliant public transport. KL is quite Western, but with enough exotica not to get boring, IYKWIM

I would suggest doing some research on supermarket supplies you can't live without, as I found the groceries all a bit random. But I understand Tescos have invaded recently.

singersgirl Tue 06-May-08 20:07:54

Not lived there, but lived in Singapore and visited KL often. You are lucky - I think KL is a great city and Malaysia a fabulous country. You can go to the beach or the hills or the jungle, and none of South East Asia is far away.

Bumping for someone who can give you more practical advice.

geisha Mon 19-May-08 21:23:26

Just a frequent visitor - there is a Tesco Hypermarket in KL.

Nappies for me is the one thing that I can never find decent quality of in Malaysia - but didn't check in Tesco!!!

You pobably know that there is a big British Expat community in KL - worth googling as there are even mother and toddler groups.

Are you going in definately?


DeeInMalaysia Fri 11-Jul-08 12:51:00

\Been here for nearly 6 weeks now and am absolutely loving it and so are the kids.
Geisha, the mamy poko nappies are not bad.
thanks for your advice and tips

SexyMilf Sat 12-Jul-08 18:38:12

I'm so jealous of you Dee - I got back to the UK 3 months ago from living in SE Asia and we all miss it really badly, hence why I lurke on the living overseas board! BTW we also used Mama Poko nappies!
I hope you all continue to have a great time grin

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