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Where your neighbours can't spell neighbours! All those in the US!

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Califrau Tue 01-Apr-08 00:50:28

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

alipiggie Tue 01-Apr-08 01:54:33

LOL and they just love the way I say schedule . Man I swear I there are some words I'll never get right. Well it's going to be the big week this week . H wants to get the divorce documents into court. So expect me needing some support this week. I'll keep you posted.

It might be April Fool's tomorrow, but I'm off to buy Alvin and the Chipmunks . Need a good laugh.

UnderRated Tue 01-Apr-08 03:30:35

Yay, a new thread smile

Sorry about your news, Ali. Hope it goes smoothly. At least you know, it couldn't possibly be as messy and costly as mine, could it? grin

Can I do a list? Or should we start a new one?

dooneygirl Tue 01-Apr-08 03:37:59

I need a list before I can feel at home!!!!!!!!

Califrau Tue 01-Apr-08 06:07:16

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

jabberwocky Tue 01-Apr-08 14:36:30

Oh, ali I remember going through my divorce from ex-h. It was a tough time. But the good thing was I lost 10 pounds...

I don't know if this is good for a laugh or not, but speaking of accents did you know that a British accent is always associated with higher intelligence by Americans? so you got smarter just by moving here

I, on the other hand, have spent most of my life trying to smooth out my Southern accent which is regarded as typical of lesser intelligence hmm

dooneygirl Tue 01-Apr-08 14:46:25

Thinking of you, Ali.

Thanks for the direct toward Cache, Jabber. One of the reasons I went to the different mall was because they had one there. I couldn't remember what it was called, but knew they would have something I was looking for. I don't know what happened this year, but it was the scariest place of all, with everything in canary yellows, and bright pinks, and even a blue leopard-print dress. Not sure what happened, because I've seen lots of nicer looking clothes in there before, where as this year it all looked like mother of the bride goes to prom.

One of the teachers at Colin's school told me to go to Mariposa. (If you don't have one, it is a teeny-bopper prom place, basically). I tried not to roll my eyes in the back of my head. But I went anyway, and guess what? I found a dress. It is black and not all fake-jeweled, very simple, and made out of stretchy material, so it fits everything and doesn't make me look like a walking tent. I'm not sure if I like it, but I think I'm just being a snob about where I got it.

Earlybird Tue 01-Apr-08 15:03:04

Ali - so sorry that this 'cloud' has crossed your path. You've been sounding so upbeat in spite of everything, and I'm sure in some ways this has dragged you down. Be brave and positive - it will pass, and things will be better.

Jabberwocky - did you see my post on the other thread about meeting up? Let me know if/when you'd like to try, and will do my best to synch schedules.

jabberwocky Tue 01-Apr-08 17:23:17

Would love to meet up with you earlybird. Next week is a bit hectic but I might manage something the week after.

jabberwocky Tue 01-Apr-08 17:23:54

Glad you found a dress, dooney. You can never go wrong with a simple black

Earlybird Tue 01-Apr-08 17:28:33

jabberwocky - week after next sounds good. You could come to mine for lunch, if that suits? Or we could rendezvous elsewhere if you prefer.

Let me know when you have an idea of your schedule - advance notice is good, so I can rearrange things if needs be.

Can't believe we might actually (finally!) meet.....have any other US based Mnetters met, or do we all exist separately in this virtual world?

Califrau Tue 01-Apr-08 17:39:45

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Earlybird Tue 01-Apr-08 17:45:01

Ah Cali - was in your state two weeks ago for spring break, but too far south to suggest meeting (LA). Maybe someday...

UnderRated Tue 01-Apr-08 18:47:58

I didn't know I sound intelligent to Americans. I can barely string a sentence together so hopefully my English accent makes up for that, at least a little bit.

Didn't you buy the blue leopard-print dress, DOoney? wink You can't go wrong with black though, can you? Glad you sorted out your dress stress.

Califrau, I now I have Simon and Garfunkel going round in my head, "I am a Rock. I am an Island..." angry

I met up with ChiTownLady once. But now she's gone. I'm all alone.

Califrau Tue 01-Apr-08 19:00:09

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

UnderRated Tue 01-Apr-08 19:12:46

Am feeling all nostalgic now. I love S&G

dooneygirl Thu 03-Apr-08 00:20:22

<peeks head in>

Awfully quiet in here.

Califrau Thu 03-Apr-08 00:32:17

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

UnderRated Thu 03-Apr-08 01:06:22

You busybee, califrau. Good news about your parents visit.

I have nothing to say really. I watched Elizabeth last night. It was rather gruesome.

Oh, today it was warm enough to go to the park. Everybody seemed to have come out of hibernation and they were all super-friendly, as if they'd been in isolation all winter.

anorak Thu 03-Apr-08 01:35:21

If you want a meet-up, come and see me grin

My landlord is here giving the swimming pool a fresh coat of paint and the sun has been shining warmly today. I am very bored having to rest a lot while I am on chemo and would love some people here to make me laugh.

alipiggie Thu 03-Apr-08 01:52:59

anorak if I could afford the airfare/time off I'd be there like a shot. . Had an emotional day, but now sitting watching Alvin and the Chipmunks with my wonderful boys and great class of vino

UnderRated Thu 03-Apr-08 02:03:46

I want to come Anorak but I am not stuck here til mid May before I know anything about if/ when I can leave. And after that, I only have 8 weeks on my visa and will have to leave. And nothing is resolved and am in a huuuge panic.

jabberwocky Thu 03-Apr-08 02:11:46

Anorak that sounds soooo inviting! After we get settled in the new house I will have to start surfing airline tickets grin just can't let dh catch wind of it yet wink

UnderRated Thu 03-Apr-08 02:12:51

Sorry, my last post probably makes no sense out of contact. Got carried away. blush

Ali, why are you never on msn these days?

fatbetty Thu 03-Apr-08 18:33:27

Ali, so sorry to hear about your divorce. At least you have your boys to help cheer you up, and Alvin and the Chipmunks! grin

Hurray! it didn't rain today in the UK! It was actually decent and the kids were able to get out - and I actually did some yard work. Feeling good now, but very tired and now my back hurts from doing too much bending over.

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