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German Schools

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finknottle Fri 15-Feb-08 10:09:03

Get it off your chest wink

There are, as anywhere, good and bad aspects to the school system.

So if you want advice, help or an embittered rant - feel free.

On a postive note - anyone see the thread on Primary about security? I've just taken dd to kg and on the way back wanted to drop off a school library book ds2 has had since before Christmas and forgot again.
All I did is walk in, went to his classroom and left it on his PE kit so he'll see it at break.

No one worries unduly about security here. The caretaker has an office (all glass) outside the main building but he's rarely in it.

Is it only village schools? Looks so odd to me to have a school "locked down".

SSSandy2 Sun 20-Jul-08 13:39:41

what type of book was it that your dd foudn and enjoyed so much?

admylin Sun 20-Jul-08 13:45:55

Sigh, she's into the super natural so ghosts and witches and that sort of thing. Wondering when/if she'll grow out of it. Also loves books about the stone ages and the Romans how people used to live.

I need a book for my flight to the US so have to go looking on Monday otherwise it'll have to be Harry Potter as it's the only book I haven't packed! Hope I get soemthing good in Friedrichstrasse theer are plenty of books in Englsih (for a price, grrr) and I'm leaving plenty of space in my suitcase to buy books over in the US.

SSSandy2 Sun 20-Jul-08 13:51:22

actually I've never got round to reading any Harry Potter books. Might be a nice one for the flight

admylin Sun 20-Jul-08 14:33:13

only read Harry Potter when I ran out of books and ds had them! He's on book 6 now so only the last one to go -he's seen the films and he keeps saying how much better the books are because the films have left loads out!

Must admit, I hope I get something else for the flight. Shame I won't get time to shop at the airport as we fly to Shipol airport from Berlin with just enough time to change planes.

SSSandy2 Sun 20-Jul-08 14:41:11

Think just be gladyou won't hve to hang about at the airport. Travelling can be so tiring anyway and it's what - a 10 hour flight from Holland to USA?

admylin Sun 20-Jul-08 14:42:33

Something like that yes and it's a day flight so not a sif we can try to sleep as the dc will be wide awake - they're hoping for a good movie on board.

SSSandy2 Sun 20-Jul-08 14:53:21

night flights can be overrated though. I know h came back from South Africa feeling like a wreck althogh it was a night flight because you can't usually get to sleep on those flights and you end up tired with muscle ache. If you fly by day, you'll have a normal night's sleep (hopefully) once you're there to recover.

I am ploughing through Leon Uris books at the moment. But they are too heavy to take on a flight. Hügendübel doesn't have many English books but they always somehow manage to stock soemthing I feel like reading.

admylin Sun 20-Jul-08 14:57:39

If I don't manage to find a book I'll get myself loads of newspapers and Focus and Spiegel and get on peoples nerves folding my newspaper page by page so I can read it! I love newspapers anyway, and I can get the Speigel and Focus at the station the night before we leave!

admylin Thu 21-Aug-08 18:57:39

Well my 2 are back at school so we can revive this thread after the holidays! Poor things they only got a short summer holiday because hanover has gone back earlier than they would have if they had stayed in Berlin.

Ds was Eingeshult in his Gymnasium this morning - it was done really nicely. We all met in the Aula and the 6th year music class played for us then the head spoke to us and then each class was called up to the stage and as they marched of to their class room they played a German song with some line like 'ernst deines Lebens' -the head also said you are all the pupils with 1's and 2's on your reports, but now you will have to get used to seeing 3's and worse sometimes and that's normal! Was abit negative I thought but otherwise everything seemed OK.

Dd started her new 4th class and she didn't come out crying or too sad so it can't have been too bad. She's abit quiet on me at the moment so not always sure what is going on in her head.

So has anyone else gone back yet?

admylin Sat 23-Aug-08 20:14:31

Cringe, ds was half an hour late this morning - our first bad mark maybe. He had a saturday lesson for his music class just this once and I was sure I'd seen 9:30 to 11:30 on the note but it was 9:00 (when I looked later) - as we were on the way to school at 9:20 on the bikes his teacher called me on my mobile to ask why ds didn't turn up to school yet. That only happened because I'm still so exhausted I'm sure I just scanned the note and imagined I saw 9:30!

Sigh, when will we be back to normal after this move? I think the jetlag has lasted longer than usual too because of having to get straight to work after the flight with moving house. Anyway I slept for 2 hours this afternoon after lunch and it has done me good.
Dd needs some coloured plastic covers on her writing books but I have no idea where to get them in Hannover and didn't have the energy to drag myself into the town centre so she'll just have to wait 'til sometime next week.

taipo Wed 01-Oct-08 08:51:55

Ok, I'll start off.

Dd now in 4. Klasse and under horrible pressure because of the Schulempfehlung half way through the year. Homework still a complete nightmare but gradually getting better.

Ds now in 1. Klasse which is fine so far but he is getting sick of all that colouring in grin

Did anyone see that TV report last night on schools and how much pressure children are under because of having to do the Abitur in 8 years instead of 9? There were kids on the programme saying how they thought about school every minute of the day, had hardly any free time and suffered headaches and stomach aches. It really made me wonder what it's all for. I mean what's the point of getting the abitur and going onto university if your health and sanity suffer as a result. Really made me wish dc could find their own way in life without having to go through the system as it is. Maybe not getting into the gymnasium would be a blessing in disguise.

coconutflapjack Thu 04-Apr-13 11:40:49

Hi there,

It's a long shot but does anyone know anything about St George's School Aachen? There is not much on the web and what there is is more centred on the Cologne site.

Many Thanks

reluctantmover Thu 04-Apr-13 14:40:49

Try starting your own thread, as I notices you're asking about Maastricht too. Mention where you live, how long you're living there, what languages you speak etc.

laptopwieldingharpy Thu 04-Apr-13 14:58:12

Oh God zombie thread!

Definitely start a fresh one or post on the very active germanophile one.

Also try the expatica forums, very useful.

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