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little bit of kiwi - part 3

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Papillon Mon 07-Jan-08 02:45:04

Starting new thread cos I keep reading that Sibble has a dinosaur computer, so to help life...

Looks like Bertha is busy from the 12 top the 20th while my dad uses her for Croquet. So no peace festival for me and the kids, have a great time kjm

Friends have just left after a week here, been real occupied with them, a funeral and my grandad was poorly for abit. Been moving my computer round too has had some renovation work done finally have a storage room. Hooray!

Kids are really well, we all enjoying life

Sibble Tue 08-Jan-08 00:34:41

hi paps, glad to hear you are having a good time. It is a good time of the year isn't it, well for me anyway, first glimpse of the sun and I'm instantly happier.

We have made a huge list of things to do during the school holidays and are busy ticking things off the list. Had a picnic at the botanic gardens this morning and a game of cricket with some friends. Rain even held of most of the time. Boys are now chilling before I drag them around the shops and bank...may have to bribe them with ice blocks. Still if it's still hot and sticky when we get back will just have to jump in the pool - hardly a hard life.

Only slight downer, have embarked on a detox diet and have hte mother of all headaches turning me into slightly grumpy mummy at the outbreak of fights, especially in the 3 so should subside soon I hope.

Papillon Fri 11-Jan-08 00:19:17

Hope that detox is showing good effects by now and not headaches!! thats terrible... is it a lack of coffee or something...

We just had a lovely morning at playcentre and once the kids wake up are off to parents orchard to pick up plums and have a brain storming session with a mate who is an illustrator. She has a dd at playcentre too so its perfect

Sibble Sun 13-Jan-08 02:49:41

hi, diet coke I think, only have 1 can/day (no coffee or tea). NOt sure if it's the caffeine or aspartamine - lasted 6 days - definately drink of the devil and won't be drinking it again!! Broke the detox at the beach for the weekend. Caught up with some friends, turned into a bit of a party with fireworks left over from New Year so too hard to turn down the wine grin. Back to the grindstone on Tuesday - tomorrow is our wedding anniversary - usually forget - but my Nan reminded us this year with a card so are going out for dinner. Hard not to indulge in a glass or two over dinner when somebody else is cooking and driving. Hope you're both enjoying this beautiful summer too.

Papillon Tue 15-Jan-08 05:43:10


hey kjm how did the weekend go? Often thought of you and the weather was so great.

Been rather busy here, picking plums yesterday which was lovely and idyllic with the kids running around Had to deliver some plums south this morning for a supermarket. Can imagine the apple season is going to be busy!
The hot weather is fab, but my fridge thermetor has died and so have had to cook up at Mums house all the defrosted freezer items!

Have started drawings for the house and discussions with the builder. dh is helping with design and I feed him my ideas and he draws them for me Quite exciting to have such a project.

ds is starting to learn about going to the loo, rather not wearing a nappy much at all. He seems to have a good awareness and I hope that he starts going on the loo over the next few months. dd has been at the local school pool today, which reminds me I must get her lessons as her cousin belly flops and swims off while she hangs onto her noodle!

kjaysmum Mon 21-Jan-08 08:31:08

hiya both, well what a busy old time summer is...Parihaka was fantastic...The first night, Thursday, was pretty hectic as there was a massive southwesterly blast, we couldn't get the tent up and ended up sleeping in a very small rented dome tent, which threatened to blow away all night, absolutely terrifying to be honest, but we finally got a beautiful still dawn and crawled out of the tent to find Taranaki completely clear of cloud in all her glory, stunning...The Maori told me it is very rare to see her totally clear from sunrise to sunset and this is the treat which resulted from the storm. The festival was very cool, beautiful land, lovely people, excellent music, top food, talks, theater, film, massive hangi, no bars, lots of kids and kids activities, jewellry! What more is there to say, I shall be there again next year for sure!
This weekend was also very special as we were lucky enough to fly up to Auckland for the wedding of my Dp's close friend, it was perfect, it didn't rain, the food was fab, the couple...well...just lovely.
So lifes pretty good here too, got a Scar festival to go to this end of fun hey!!
Glad you both having a good summer too xxx

Papillon Thu 24-Jan-08 07:45:18


You sure been a weekend party goer!! Sure wish I could have come, if Bertha is free next year and your going maybe it will happen

This weekend its my turn for Auckland, Sibble I am there for a week and will be playing Croquet and staying around Epsom. I have my car so maybe I could stop and see you, will be travelling through your way on Sunday in the morning or following Sunday, perhaps Saturday... would be cool to meet your kids and dh!

The kids are staying in Tauranga for the week which is perfect.

kjaysmum Wed 30-Jan-08 08:15:46

hello me dears, so are you back from Auckland yet Paps, did you two manage to get together? If so hope you had a good time. My visit to Auckland was so brief the other weekend, flew in did the wedding, flew out, no time for any catching up hey.
It's been el scorchio here on the Kapiti coast, lots of water activities going on to keep cool.
Ds is back at Kindy and seems to be having some sort of backchat, cheeky, demanding reaction to it when he gets home...he's very sorry afterwards and all that, but doesn't really make it any easier to deal with at the time..I'm balancing between ignoring and pulling in the boundries at the present, fun and games, hey!

Papillon Thu 31-Jan-08 07:20:52


Am back prematurely, plan was to get back Sunday, but the childcare arrangement fell through so I collected the kids Tuesday evening in Rotorua - good to have them home and restore some balance and harmony into our lives. We all needed it and I have been very protective of them, lots of positive affirmations and laughter. Tonight dd and I were flying around on our broomsticks saving a princess from a policeman who wanted to marry her!

dd is supposed to be back at kindy but she has been vunerable and got an upset at kindy which has made her resolutely not want to go... and fair enough I reckon. We are off to playcentre tomorrow, and a friend is gonna let me abscond for an hour to watch the waves and have some time... will see if the kids handle that though.. they are meant to going back up north tomorrow which they don´t know yet, they are rather tired and dd (4) is having a day sleep every day. They do tend to stay up later though.

Did not hook up the newly weds cos of the visit being caught short. Another time perhaps.

Sibble a really big thank you for your hospitality and support. Your a great lady and I really loved meeting your wonderful dh and kids If you ever into a holiday in the Bay - once I renovate your welcome Was so good to see your home and connect. Great pool!!!

kjaysmum Thu 07-Feb-08 00:20:47

Hi Paps, late in replying, I have to confess I have got into facebook and have found a whole bunch of extravelling folk on there I haven't heard of for years, is lovely...
back to my present life though, Dp and I were thinking of going on holiday soon as he hasn't had his annual leave yet, we were thinking of maybe renting a cabin somewhere nice, it would be rather cool if we could do it within driving distance of your house, so we can see you folks too.....any suggestions, beach/bush you know the sort of thing....????
Hey we have penciled in the campsite at Paekakariki for feb 28th next year, early I know but had to fix a date for my mum and sister and bestest mate to aim for...ding dong the bells are gonna chime...hope you're free!!is defo a kiddie friendly doo...

Papillon Fri 08-Feb-08 00:54:24

Waipatiki is my choice round here, went there as a kid and loved it. has a river too so safer swimming as well as great beach. There is a waterfall just off the beach near there too.

Paekak sounds good Pencil me in think Bertha would be free if I could bring her??

If your up my way I could come visit with the kids in her too

Kids away next week am going to attempt some diy. Also gonna do some seed collection with the native nursery. So will keep me busy.

I heard about a mate of mine who is into facebook never looked at it.

kjaysmum Sun 10-Feb-08 05:11:14

thanks Papillon, I shall check out Waipatiki, sounds lovely. Sure the Bertha plan would work out it's a really cheap campsite and not so full at that time of year so you could just book her into a spot next to the lodge, will send the prices nearer to the time...

Sibble Sun 17-Feb-08 02:25:26

hi, sorry for long delay in posting - end of hols hectic then back to school very hectic! Sorry you cut your trip short Paps, hope everything is a bit calmer for you. Was good to meet with you properly. Well not having travelling much for sooo long we are shortly off to Wellington for the weekend, dh's brother is getting married, we have enough airmiles for the flights and flybuys for the hotel except 1 night - so we're off! ALso off to Melbourne for a conference at the end of the month - a child and hubbie free trip. AM going to catch up with Ghosty who moved there last year, catch the sights (it's been 20 years since I was there shock. I am sooo looking forward to it. WIll be a bit knackered the following day though flight gets in at midnight and I'm mothers help on ds1's trip to the zoo first thing in the morning! Should sleep well that evening.

Have also booked flights home for me and the boys for July - are flying Korean as cheapest could find, have just signed up for airmiles and they are twinned with aeroflot hmm will try not to panic between now and then.

Apart from that life is very busy. Have been to motat today for family day. 4 hours, we are all exhausted especially ds2 who walked th ewhole time and did very well.

Well hope you are both well

ANd should I say congrats kjm or am I reading too much between the lines wink

kjaysmum Sun 17-Feb-08 06:09:11

Thanks Sibble, no not reading to much into it, I know it's awfully early to be organising a very informal wedding, but you know how it is when you have family overseas, we had to fix a date early, now I have to put it all on the back boiler for a whole year, it's very hard to do!!
So Paps I had a look at the websites and Waipatiki does look like a lovely recommendation, but.....we're now thinking that Dp may take his annual leave at home, sounds boring but we thought we may just do some local stuff and maybe treat ourselves to a overnighter somewhere, just the two of us, take Ds to his grans, it's so hard for me at the moment with my wee problem, I'm going to be working with a new Naturopath soon, we're concentrating on my diet more, going away from home and my routine makes things very tricky so...we'll have to see..hope the DIY went well

Papillon Mon 18-Feb-08 05:44:40

Gawd I missed that sorry... duh! Maybe you had already told me dp had proposed... my mind a mental fog what with my crazy emotional lifestyle! Although things seem to be turning a corner, I hope!!

Nice to hear from you Sibble, you got lots of travelling comin up I saw the other day your dh would like to move to dubai!! Hard when you just feeling settled.

dd is in kitten heaven atm, got a local kitten that had disappeared from the neighbours for a month now, she said we could have it and he is about 3 months and very cruisy as well as playful.. a laid back kitty was just wanted I wanted and he is smokey grey with white paws. We are all in love!!

Papillon Mon 18-Feb-08 05:46:29

Big Congratulations KJM & dp

...if I did not already know (scratches head!!!)

Sibble Mon 18-Feb-08 17:55:21

yes the Dubai thing. Pre-children I would have jumped at the chance, now I just think of changing schools, settling them, making new friends, living in an apartment rather than our house etc.... and the heat - I like hot but not 40 degree heat etc.

Fortunately in some ways the desire to move has been taken over by the stress of dh's ex taking us for child support after 14 years of them being separated - she left him in the first place I add for somebody else. angry Poor dh is riddled with joint pain (stress induced I'm sure) and I've got poxy irritible bowel - thought I was dying and embarassed after a round of tests to find it's probably IBS. Couldnt drive the car one day as couldn't sit down with back pain -never dismiss somebody with IBS again. ANyway it has spurred me on to get back into reiki, have been treating us and have a client booked for today - phoned out the blue - I have been turning people away but took this as a sign to chill a little and look after ourselves a bit more.

Papillon Mon 18-Feb-08 19:15:05

Rather than dismiss someone with IBS seems like its an in thing on this thread, hope I don´t get it though! Hope it sorts itself out soon Sibble... My problem is I cannot sleep, and need more chill and self care also. Playing Croquet this morning, representing the club shield or something. dd will be at kindy and ds with his girlfriend, yup he don´t muck about and has a wee darling of a dot girlie whose every 2nd word is "Manu" !!!

dd feed her kitten rice milk and egg out of a baby bottle this morning

Living in an apartment is no contest against your place Sibble. Its the trade off if you can all survive and adapt to afew years to get that early retirement, guess your dh joints would like a rest. Big hug

Sibble Thu 21-Feb-08 01:36:46

Hi Paps, just sitting down to do some work and remembered I didn't give you some info on that skin care. If you want me to put something in the post text me you mailing address.

We're off to the beach this weekend. Was broken into the other week so have to meet the police there to make a statement. Hardly crime of the century and probably not worth taking ds1 out of school for, but it's the principle! Feel like am on a bit of a rollercoaster at the moment trying to get on top of everything. Never mind a weekend chilling at the beach is just the thing.

Have good weekends both of you.

Papillon Thu 21-Feb-08 23:59:57

bigs hugs to Sibble Its been a lunar eclipse with the full moon which makes the emotions extra special...

You guys are break in magnets!!!! Auckland is the drive through thief paradise aint it!! Maybe you need to get cameras inside your house rather than on the road, so you can catch those buggers crawling round the floor avoiding detection!

Parents are into full swing apple picking production and a very dear old friend of mine from Wellington is up picking and staying. So we gonna hit the beach this weekend if the weather stays under control. He a hottie too, pity he gay

There is a free camping weekend on at alot of camps site here so might even do a night at Waipatiki that place I gave you a link to recently KJM (Hey KJM GET OFF FACEBOOK and come TALK to USSSSS )

Papillon Fri 22-Feb-08 00:00:56

Oh yes I think of your skin care range ever time I slap on the Loreal.... will txt you my home addy cheers

kjaysmum Tue 26-Feb-08 20:03:38

I wasn't ....honest!!! Ok maybe a little in touch with an old friend who is coming over soon, yeah, we want visiters!!
As for our visit we were thinking of the weekend just after Dp's birthday, which is on the 11th march,I haven't booked anything yet though will have a chat with him tonight. Not sleeping, sounds dreadful, it must seem so unfair now your kids are at the age when you should be getting your sleep back, hope you can find a way to unwind. I'm using retail therapy at the moment, used to use a glass of wine but I don't drink anymore so wandering aimlessly round the shops seems to help I reckon it's cause I don't have to think to do that, you know after all this soul searching, yogic practice and studying it's actually quite nice to just zone out on my own!
Sorry to hear you not well Sibble, you have my utmost sympathy, not much fun eh, have you tried Mintec, mint capsules, was recommended to me by my Gastro specialist, I reckon it helps. Broken into again how awful, good grief!! Hope you managed some chill time too.

Papillon Sun 02-Mar-08 19:54:43

Weekend after 11th March sounds good. Have been getting to know a dude here who knows some of the posse outfits in Europe. So might see if he wants to hang out one night while you here.

Gotta dash for now, will do a more newsy post later

kjaysmum Sun 02-Mar-08 20:29:12

Dp spoke to your mum on saturday, we thought her number was yours! He would like to go to touchwood whilst we're up your way, I have emailed the camping you suggested at waipatiki and we shall take the family flat their from the 15th to the 17th if it's available, does that fit in with you ok?

Papillon Mon 03-Mar-08 19:41:27

Mum must be destracted she did not tell me you rang.

Spoke to touchwood whanau while back and visiting them is no worries. Those dates fit with me..

So you around for those dates only and need to fit visit to touchwood in then...?? I will let the know so they can be prepared for your visit.

Will txt you my home number...

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