Moving from EU back to UK - Transfer of Residence relief

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barnabyjonesismyfriend Mon 07-Jun-21 21:28:47

Has anyone moved back to UK from the EU recently?

I understand that we now have to apply for a "Transfer of Residence" relief to avoid customs charges on personal belongings, household goods and vehicles into the UK.

Can it been done from just the packing list from the removal company? How long did it take to get approval?

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1frenchfoodie Mon 07-Jun-21 21:39:15

Just submitted it. Though I have read online it can take 48h- 5weeks to get approved when I submitted I get an automatic response promising they’d get back to me within 15 working days. For me the removal company didnt have the itemised kitchen appliences the HMRC require (plus there was a lot of repetition as they listed for e.g boxes of clothes, linens, books room by room) so I did my own.

There is scope to add items you overlooked even after getting approval - though you are supposed to have had everything for 6+ months so might question a lot of additions.

barnabyjonesismyfriend Mon 07-Jun-21 22:32:08

How specific have you been?
Is it like 6 boxes of books, 2 boxes of children’s toys, set of cutlery
Or is it more like 115 paperback books, 4 Barbie dolls and 2 teaspoons?
Is there a template at all?

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1frenchfoodie Tue 08-Jun-21 21:57:16

I was only specific with kitchen appliances (as instructions are clear this is needed) and electronic goods but other wise very much x boxes of books, x boxes of clothes, x boxes of crockery and cookwear. HMRC Instructions say you dont need to list individual books or clothes so hopefully my approach works.

There is no template, I just did a Word table.

ElaineMarieBenes Wed 09-Jun-21 02:08:29

I’m moving back to the U.K. (from outside EU). Very easy to get TOR and took about a week to get the reference number for the shippers. My list was pretty general!

DancesWithDaffodils Sun 13-Jun-21 10:55:31

Ours was approved on an x boxes of books, y boxes of winter clothes, 1 box kitchenware basis.
I wont comment on times, as ours was done during a massive backlog, but if you get desperate, call and they can process it faster (like I recieved mine an hour after I called, but I was already in the UK, and goods were waiting the TOR for delivery)

1frenchfoodie Mon 14-Jun-21 22:22:24

Just got my approval though after submitting on 4/6 with only kitchen/electrical appliances itemised, rest of x boxes of.. basis.

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