Back in the UK with assets in two countries - how do we make a will?

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LittleMy77 Wed 10-Feb-21 10:52:16

We moved back to the UK last year. We have wills in our other country to cover assets there (on advice of our lawyer) and want to set up UK specific wills and PoA

I called the coop who have said they can’t do it for us as we have assets overseas, even tho we weren’t asking for them to cover for there

Any suggestions on where to look for advice?

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Abraxan Wed 10-Feb-21 10:56:52

Speak to a solicitor who specialises in wills and probate.
They should be able to advise if you need to have two wills, or if your assets can be dealt with under one will.

GU24Mum Wed 10-Feb-21 22:18:25

Take proper advice from a solicitor who understands the complexities and rules about whichever the other jurisdiction is.............. in some circumstances, it's possible to invalidate a will in one country by making one in a different one though this can be worked round.

Mumblechum0 Wed 10-Feb-21 22:25:16

I’m a Willwriters and have lots of clin this position, I don’t understand why the CoOp were so unhelpful.

It sounds as though you’re domiciled in England and Wales and have assets here?

Your wills just need to include wording to the effect that they don’t revoke your foreign wills and don’t cover land and buildings in that country.

They will then run in parallel with one another.

Although EU countries do usually recognise English wills dealing with foreign assets, I always recommend separate wills to cover real assets abroad, as often the foreign authorities won’t allow the Executors to deal with those assets until they can provide a translated copy of the Grant of Probate. Feel free to PM me for further info.

Mumblechum0 Wed 10-Feb-21 22:26:05

God, sorry, my iPad loves to mash up predictive text 🙄

LittleMy77 Thu 11-Feb-21 09:48:13

@Mumblechum0 thank you!

Yes we’re domiciled in the uk and have assets here and overseas. We have a will over there for overseas assets and wanted to do the same for UK as we know our overseas will won’t cover us here (our lawyer there spelt that out)

Quite disappointed with coop as they were excellent the last time I dealt with them

It sounds pretty straightforward - probably just need more specialised / experienced solicitor?

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Mumblechum0 Thu 11-Feb-21 11:43:41

To be honest, any qualified will writer or solicitor specialising in private client work will be making this type of will on at least a weekly basis; I have about 10 on the go at the moment with assets abroad.

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