Anyone planning of moving overseas in the near future?

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HiPieInTheSky Mon 08-Mar-21 15:34:42

@NatHancockLovesMyTits, are you thinking of MM2H?

MatHancockLovesMyTits Tue 02-Mar-21 11:08:05

Yep planning on moving to Malaysia once things are a bit more normal.

IpanemaNova Tue 02-Mar-21 11:06:15

We are planning to, dh is Dutch national. I would go now but dc are in exam years at secondary school.

Lisyloo725 Mon 01-Mar-21 16:10:09

We want to move to Oz. It’s a recent decision so it’s not gonna happen fast - we are going for the skilled visas - so could be done in 6-12 mths. Here’s hoping!!!!!!

DanielODonkey Sun 14-Feb-21 21:14:25

We want to move to Canada. Have visa application in but low points due to age. Applying for jobs every day.

strawberriesontheNeva Wed 10-Feb-21 22:43:39

We are thinking about saving money to move to Oz. Dp and dc are citizens so hoping it wouldn't be too difficult for me to get a partner visa .
Costs about $8,000 and takes about 2 yrs to process though confused

Snooper22 Tue 09-Feb-21 21:38:20

We have a house in France and post covid if it ever happens, I am really thinking of moving there permanently. Brexit has made things difficult but can't be impossible? Anyone else thinking of living abroad?

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