Anybody live in Pontevedra

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SnowyOwlWan Mon 28-Dec-20 14:50:19

I find myself fascinated by this city, no cars, but also, because of its location.

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TechnoDino Mon 28-Dec-20 16:29:55

I’d never heard of it until I read your post, now I’m intigued too, and want to visit!

Hellokittymania Tue 29-Dec-20 06:57:29

Just out of curiosity, but do you mean in Florida? There is a place called this in Florida as well, I grew up in Florida, but I have never visited there.

Hellokittymania Tue 29-Dec-20 06:59:05

Sorry, I just had to look for where you might be talking about… But yes, there is also one in Florida. I don’t think they have band cars though… Ha ha Ha. Florida would be a nightmare if you don’t have a car. Trust me, I am visually impaired… Not easy to get around

TuppenceMargaret Tue 29-Dec-20 07:01:47

I had to Google where you were as haven't heard of it before. Sounds lovely! smile

SnowyOwlWan Thu 31-Dec-20 00:29:03

I definitely mean Spain. I didn't know there was one in Florida too!

I don't drive, and I don't want to! I speak Spanish, but not galician. I am Irish not English so I don't think I would have too many difficulties if I moved to Spain. I couldnt go for years because of my teens. Im single and could live anywhere I guess.

Im probably being ridiculous. I dont dislike living in Ireland but it's never hot. No summer. I dont mind the winters because winter is supposed to be cold!

Since covid 19 i have hardly spoken to anybody except my teenagers.

Just feeling restless. I guess a lot of people are wondering "why do i live where i live?" right now.

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SummerBody1 Sun 17-Jan-21 20:44:19

@SnowyOwlWan 'never hot' is what is killing me at the moment too. I'm also restless and looking at a move to the continent. Probably a pipe dream as my 2 children are in Primary.
I think our diagnosis is 'Covid fatigue' on top of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)


SnowyOwlWan Sun 17-Jan-21 21:59:52

You're right. This decision is borne out of restlessness and boredom and..... just not having any faith that enough people in easy distance of the cold location where i live now would would miss me if i shuffled off to a warmer location, with a balcony, good internet.... i can sit in watching netflix, drinking tea, doing yoga, listening to audibles and going for walks but in spain instead?

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