Moving back to the UK after 11 years

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AmayaBr Wed 02-Dec-20 14:49:34

We are planning to move back to the UK next summer, we have a two sons aged 3 and 6. At the moment no idea where we want to be, but most likely outskirts of London. Both jobs are location independent so we are quite flexible. My concern is the school process, as we don't have an address in the UK, and deadline for primary places is in January ( I think). Can we apply for schools in anticipation of moving to a certain area? Thank you in advance.

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cooperage Wed 02-Dec-20 14:56:22

For state schools, you have to have proof of an address in the form of a household bill or a tenancy agreement, for example, to be able to apply for a place.

TwoBlueFish Wed 02-Dec-20 14:56:29

Unfortunately not. You can look and make enquires as to places but can’t apply for a place until you have an address.

Lyrebird Mon 07-Dec-20 23:12:00

We are also moving back in the summer after 11 years away and independent schools seem to be the only option. Even though we've started the process, wholly uncertain of any success at this time in securing two places...

AethelsWhiteGoose Wed 30-Dec-20 14:23:39

When we moved back, I had one state place at preferred school for youngest dc into yr3, other dc went on waiting list. All had a place at same school within 2 terms but it was stressful doing triple school runs.

You need proof of address, I also had to send the school a copy of our actual flight tickets.

LIZS Fri 01-Jan-21 16:48:15

Unless your 3 year old turns 4 before end August 2021 the application deadline is irrelevant as it only applies to Reception and, occasionally year 3 where there are separate infant/junior schools. Otherwise you are looking for In Year admission for dc1 for which the process will be outlined on the LA website. Nursery/preschool application is more adhoc unless you are wanting one attached to a state school.

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