Worried about DD travelling to see me during UK lockdown

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annabell22 Fri 06-Nov-20 13:49:01

DD is 21 and at uni in the UK. We booked flights for her to leave LHR on 28 Nov two weeks before this lockdown is announced. I haven't seen her since December last year. We think that her flight may be rescheduled as they'll cut the timetable, but does it count as essential travel? Who's going to ask her anyway?

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GlacindaTheTroll Fri 06-Nov-20 14:08:21

From the government's publication on the rules;

"There are further restrictions in place:

"If you live at university, you must not move back and forward between your permanent home and student home during term time. You should only return home at the end of term. We will publish further guidance soon on how students can travel home safely at the end of term"

So not permitted

No idea what checks there might be

MonsterKidz Fri 06-Nov-20 14:36:09

That’s a tricky one. Is that the end of her term? How long will she be with you for! You could always reschedule the flight now for after dec 2nd if possible or wait and see if they move the flight later anyway?

annabell22 Fri 06-Nov-20 18:47:14

It's not the end of term, but she is learning online anyway and when she leaves me she'll return to her dad's home and quarantine there for the required 2 weeks. She will continue to study here. She is not visiting her dad at all during this period.

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Coffeecak3 Fri 06-Nov-20 18:50:20

I would think a student going back to her family home won't have any problem travelling.
Presumably the country she is travelling to is fine.

MonsterKidz Sat 07-Nov-20 04:02:48

I would therefore think you’ll just have to wait and see. As you say, flights may be disrupted, or maybe not. Good luck OP, I am sure you will be very happy to se her!

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