Anyone living in Bangkok?

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BangkokExpatLife Sun 25-Oct-20 06:04:18

My DH has been offered a job in Bangkok and I was hoping for some insight from anyone who has lived there.

(We've been in various places around Asia for 15 years, so I'm not too worried about culture shock!)

The office is near Chong Nonsi station. I've visited a few times and traffic was pretty bad, so realistically what areas would be best to live in with a commute time of 40 mins max.

Our housing allowance would be around 250,000 thb per month. I know Asian cities can be pretty expensive. Ideally we'd like a 4 bed house or apartment.

How hard is it to get an international school place? I like the look of NIST from the reviews / website, would somewhere like that have long waiting lists?

If anyone has recommendations for areas to live / schools (ideally IB), type of accommodation we could expect, that would be great. Thanks!

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BangkokExpatLife Mon 26-Oct-20 11:44:18

Hopeful bump!

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leavingAqaba Tue 17-Nov-20 04:42:05

Hi, yes it’s true Bangkok is not cheap but that’s a terrific amount for a housing allowance. We live in Sukhumvit in a 3 bed apartment for a fraction of that. For a ‘hood perhaps look at location(s) of schools first? We had no problem with wait lists for primary school places this year.

SoiPup Tue 16-Mar-21 06:34:35

For 250K you can get a really lovely place in a great part of town with 4 beds. We are in a 4 bed off Sukhumvit and near the BTS and we pay half that amount (and that's considered a lot).
Near Chong Nonsi you're best locating yourself near the BTS and then your husband will have an easy commute. Sathon and Silom are also very nice places and if you're close to the expressway are esy to get around.
How old are your children? NIST is popular but we have friends with kids there who aren't so happy and know a few who have moved their kids. We weren't impressed when we visited.
Patana and ISB are considered excellent and the two St Andrews (71 and 107 plus their offshoots) and KIS have a very good reputation

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