Probably moving to Jordan

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grey12 Mon 10-Aug-20 10:55:02


There's a good chance in the next year or 2 I might be moving to Jordan with DH and small DDs.

DH has some family there so that is nice. I have been there. But still a little anxious about actually moving. I suppose that's normal. Specially with small kids. I have moved before but now DD1 is going to school and this feels like it could be permanent confused of course if things don't go well then it's not permanent :p

Anyways, what experience do you have? Any tips? Anything you would like to say? I'm eager to hear anything you want to tell smile thank you!

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gassylady Mon 10-Aug-20 11:01:54

Why the move is it prompted by a job relocation? I would want to know about the implications for you and the kids if the relationship with your husband broke down. Would you have to remain there until kids were adults? Could you work and live independently if you needed to? Is English in common use, how are your language abilities, would English language/bilingual education be available

Flurries Mon 10-Aug-20 13:33:39

Lucky you OP! We lived in Jordan a few years back and I wish we had never left! It was fantastic! We lived and worked in Amman and loved being able to jump in the car on a Friday after work and drive to Petra, Aqaba or one of the Wadis. So much to do, and lots of potential for a great outdoors lifestyle.

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