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Calling PAPILLON in NZ

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princessofthecastle Sat 29-Sep-07 20:55:09

I've been trying to get some information about emigrating to NZ here and I saw from another thread that you live in the Napier/Hastings area. My dh has been offered a job there and we are thinking of relocating from the UK. I'd be grateful if you would tell me a bit about the climate, cost of living, schools, best areas to live and whether there are any non-gravelly beaches. Also, out of interest, have you lived anywhere else in NZ as he's also been offered a job in Dunedin.

Papillon Mon 01-Oct-07 05:14:00

Napier area has a warmer climate than Dunedin. No snow in Napier and its a horticultural landscape. Dunedin is English looking. Beaches round Napier are Haumoana/Te Awanga stone beaches, with surfing. Waimarama is a sandy lovely beach 30 minutes from town. Small beach good for kids in Napier. Beaches north of Napier, the train runs along the beach, its sandy. Have you looked at the Napier tourist website, probably is one. Napier climate is mild, lots of sunshine can often be drought prone. Good for grapes and area has a good wine industry and social atmosphere.

I would live in Napier over Hastings or on the coast in Te Awanga, Haumoana. Havelock NOrth is also good and has good schools. There are alot of private schools in teh area. Bluff Hill in Napier is lovely with sea views.

princessofthecastle Mon 01-Oct-07 21:20:51

Thanks for getting back with all that info, it's really helpful.

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