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Bil emigrating to Oz in a couple of weeks. Any prezzie ideas?

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lucy5 Sun 23-Sep-07 22:27:08

I want to get him something memorable but also useful. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks sad

superloopy Mon 24-Sep-07 02:38:47

Some nice family photo's or an album of everyone in your family. People will probably be what he will miss most. sad

I have been thinking really hard about this one and really cannot think of much. Most things can be found here or bought online...

We moved here in May and there isn't much my (Brit) DH has missed or needed.

Maybe if your BIL is a big football fan you could get him a team shirt as they are pretty expensive here. Regular care packages are nice too, chocolate, crisps, tea etc.


robinpud Mon 24-Sep-07 02:50:14

What about a digital photo frame and then he can enjoy pictures? Or you could go online and get him tickets to a big Aussie sporting fixture to get him started on aussie sports?

also you could burn a cd of memorable music - aussie music is a bit...crap different.
Choose songs that evoke memories. You could also put podcasts from the BBC on so he can listen to sports coverage if he wants to hear a british voice.

superloopy Mon 24-Sep-07 03:02:13

Robinpud - Def agree with the crap music comment and I'm an Aussie!! grin

ninedragons Mon 24-Sep-07 13:40:29

Get him a Slingbox. You plug it into your telly at home and he plugs his computer into his telly in Aus and he can watch terrestrial UK TV. We are getting one for Christmas and are hugely excited!

There are big fines for bringing food into the country so no point loading him up with biscuits and crisps to take with him. Tea leaves are a definite no and he will get fined if the package is opened.

Jackaroo Mon 24-Sep-07 18:48:13

What about one of those picture frames that you can down load lots of photos into, and they rotate on a regular basis? Doesn't take up much room and will mean he gets to see more of everyone ?

PS thanks for mentioning Slingbox 9dragons - I knew I'd heard of something like that, but didn't know where to start looking!!

ninedragons Tue 25-Sep-07 00:57:55

My in-laws bought ours at Curry's or Dixon's - apparently they have them in stock but nobody who works there has the faintest idea what they're for, so you'll have to ask for it by name and set it up yourself.

lucy5 Sun 30-Sep-07 19:53:09

Thanks all, , I got a digital photo frame. Thought the slingbox was a great idea but as I am in Spain I couldn't get one. Will investigate getting one sent over and post it to him for Christmas.

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