International schools in Brussels

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Lauragiulia Tue 02-Jun-20 21:27:30

Hello, I am looking for a secondary school, in English, for my daughter. Does anyone know about Bogaerts? Any information on IB results, for instance?

Thanks a lot

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sleepismysuperpower1 Wed 03-Jun-20 11:02:01

have a look at st johns international (Link to school website included). They are located in Waterloo, so a 30 minute drive/30 min train ride to Brussels, but follow the IB program and have info about results on their website. Hope that helps a little!

stephanie1987 Wed 03-Jun-20 14:51:51

Hi, I don't know about Bogaerts but there's the British School of Brussels ( which offers IB, A-levels and BTEC, I think they're the only ones doing that.

thegcatsmother Sat 13-Jun-20 01:00:47

BSB is at the end of the tram line 44 in Tervuren. The school is pricy if you are paying as opposed to an employer.

Iras Tue 16-Feb-21 21:51:26

Hi @Lauragiulia - it would be great to know what you did with regards to your daughter. We are looking for schools in Brussels and we are trying to find out about Bogaerts too. Did you manage to find any information?

Many thanks!

Lauragiulia Tue 16-Feb-21 22:20:37

Hi Iras! I cannot tell you much more about Bogaerts, sorry. For the moment our daughter is in BJAB and we are delighted about the school - but it ends at year 8. So if you can share your findings on Bogaerts, I will still be interested.

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Hangonintherebaby Wed 05-May-21 06:25:42

Hello, I've just got a job in Brussels and am thinking of putting kids into local schools there - any advice? They don't speak French (we're currently in Beijing) but I do and we're thinking intensive language school (a fun activities one) in the summer to help prepare them. I worry that putting them into a bilingual programme they won't actually speak much French as they will gravitate towards English-speaking friends and classmates, so I'd prefer not to do the international schools even though employer will pay. Thoughts, advice and experiences very welcome, thankyou.

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