Moving to Madrid with 3 children

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Charliebcn Mon 04-May-20 16:53:48

We are finalising a move to Madrid (perfect timing!) for my partner's job in August. We have 3 children (13, 7.5 and 6) and would love some advice on schools and areas. We have been recommended 3 schools; Agora, SEK (San Estanislao de Koska) and San Patricio and would love any opinions on these (or others to look at). We are considering sending the 6 year old locally but I am worried to do the same with the 7.5 year old as he is autistic and my experience in Spain previously (our 13 year old was born and brought up in Barcelona until 7) is that there isn't much provision for mild autism support in public school compared to the UK.
We are also looking at apartments/houses (preference would be to have a swimming pool) - area recommendations would be great and much appreciated.
We all speak Spanish (to varying degrees!) but never lived in Madrid.
Any other tips for living there please...

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