New Yorkers - How are you doing?

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allfurcoatnoknickers Tue 14-Apr-20 18:38:53

I'm trapped in my teeny Manhattan shoebox with DH, 10 month old DS and two dogs and I'm both stressed and bored.

How's everyone else in the city/tri-state holding up?

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piratedinosaursgogogo Thu 16-Apr-20 19:15:52

I’m out on Long Island. Been here 10 years now.

I’m able to walk the dog and not pass too many people. We’re into our fifth week of ‘online learning’ and brushing up on my knowledge of early Chinese dynasties and equations. I’m trying hard not to dwell on the monotony of it all as we are lucky to all currently be healthy. Lots of the people I know here seem to have hit a wall last weekend. We are all worrying about family back home. Tbh, my main upset is not knowing when I’ll be able to get back again. It’s the uncertainty isn’t it.

Are you able to get out at all?

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