Any mums in Nairobi.... Kenton School or Peponi House??

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elephants1576 Mon 24-Feb-20 16:50:21

Hi all, we're thinking of moving to Nairobi with dh's job. But I can't find a Kenyan mumsnet equivalent to get the lowdown on schools.
Can anyone help me with info on Kenton School and Peponi House? My 2 dd (age 7 and 9 yo)are at a great co-ed prep school here in Surrey and I think we'd like them to come back to the UK for secondary so need to do CE level work by Year 8, etc. Thoughts on life in Nairobi in general also appreciated from people currently living there as there are lots of older posts. Huge thanks

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namechangea123 Fri 03-Apr-20 07:34:26

Hi Elephant
I've name changed for this as I often feel like my location would be the last piece in the puzzle for anyone to identify me but I am currently in Nairobi and have been here 3 years.
I don't currently have children so I'm not much help there but from friends I know peponi is a popular choice and that Kenton also has a good reputation. There are hundreds of expat facebook groups I would suggest looking up some parenting ones and asking there.
Life, in general, I'm happy to help with, Nairobi is a big and diverse city and usually, the area you would live in will be dictated by where your husbands' office will be as Nairobi traffic is bad. I would also find this out before seriously considering any school as you don't want to be facing 4 hours of school run a day.
The weather is good, on an expat wage you will most likely be able to afford a house with a big garden to make the most of it. People are friendly and Nairobi is a lot more cosmopolitan that a lot of people expect huge malls, endless restaurants and bars etc. It would probably help if you could let me know exactly what sort of things you're concerned about/interested in and also if you know where your husband would be based and I can provide more specific advice

Ribis Thu 28-Jan-21 22:45:32

Following smile

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