Leaving the country, what do you do with your car?

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WeCouldBeHerons Tue 18-Feb-20 21:43:31

We need the cars until almost the day we fly out, so what do we do with them? We can't take them with us so do we sell them? If so, how? I've got a total mental block!

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RandomMess Tue 18-Feb-20 21:44:15

We buy any car???

Temporaryanonymity Tue 18-Feb-20 21:45:37

Sell early, hire a car.

ShyTown Wed 19-Feb-20 00:38:57

Sold mine to a family member who was happy to drive us to the airport in it

mrbob Wed 19-Feb-20 00:40:49

Do you definitely need both cars? Can you at least sell one earlier? Do you have anyone who can lend you a car for a few days? Or hire a car and drop it off at the airport which kills two birds with one stone

BritWifeinUSA Wed 19-Feb-20 04:42:44

Sell them and rent a car for the final weeks.

nachthexe Wed 19-Feb-20 05:21:21

I got the in-laws to drive us to the airport in it and they then dropped it off to a friend who we had gifted it to. It was too much faff to sell it and she was a single mum who had been putting off learning to drive as she couldn’t afford a car. She learned to drive but had to sell it to replace her boiler. All good. I’m glad it helped her in some way, even if it was just a catalyst. smile


Dyrne Wed 19-Feb-20 05:44:44

Yep, sell them and hire a car if necessary.

TheyAllFloat Wed 19-Feb-20 06:04:33

Sell and hire.

Monty27 Wed 19-Feb-20 06:09:23

Sell now log book signed on or for your departure date? Or as above, get rid and hire.
I'm interested mind you as to why you need the cars right until you leave confused

anothernotherone Wed 19-Feb-20 06:14:27

I needed mine until the day I flew out (DH had gone on ahead, I stayed behind with toddler DD to sell the house and wind down my business) and I did indeed arrange to sell it to webuyanycar fairly near Heathrow and took a taxi from there to the airport!
Obviously you can get a lot more in a private sale, but it's not always practical.

Eledamorena Thu 20-Feb-20 13:13:37

We checked what we would get with webuyanycar (we physically went and had them quote us rather rhan trusting an online appraisal). We were happy with the offer so we took it there a few days before we left. We could have got more if we'd sold it another way but the price was fair for an immediate sale and very convenient for us.

citychick Sun 23-Feb-20 04:43:28

My parents have been using our car.
But yes, if needs be sell early and hire til you leave the country.
Good luck!

phivephatphish Sun 23-Feb-20 05:31:46

I'm interested mind you as to why you need the cars right until you leave

Probably because they live outside London where there is no public transport. I can’t think of one single person I know who wouldn’t need the car until the day they left, including people in London.

annabell22 Sun 23-Feb-20 05:38:40

Evans Halshaw bought our car and it was a much better price than similar companies. I rented for the last three weeks I was in the UK and it only cost about £14 per day.

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