Which communities in Dubai with a toddler?

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HulksPurplePanties Mon 17-Feb-20 09:33:23

Jebel Ali is a 20 minute/30 minute drive from a lot of places in Dubai and a lot of new developments, so the world is really your oyster.

Also Ramadan in Dubai is NOT Ramadan in Doha. It's business as usual in EVERY WAY, so there is no pressure to try and get into a place before Ramadan.

Aweden Mon 17-Feb-20 09:06:23

Thank you all so very much! You’ve been so helpful. Yes, the husband will be working in Jebel Ali, so around that would be our area. Greens DIP is also top of the list now. We will of course have a look at all. I’m just trying to do my homework so I don’t get distracted by options that are not viable once we are there, and also possibly be aware of what all to ask/look for when house hunting. Ramadan will be coming up, so we do have pressure to find a place and settle down before the start. Relieved to hear that it won’t be like Doha 🙈. Will look up the other groups as well!

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HulksPurplePanties Mon 17-Feb-20 05:33:39

Green Community in DIP is an option, as are the Arabian Ranches and some compounds in that area.

Dubai is (thankfully) nothing like Doha. You'll have no problem meeting people here.

Would it be possible to decide one you're on the ground?

sheikhandbake Mon 17-Feb-20 05:27:45

Try joining British Mums Dubai Facebook group as well as Real Mums.

Look at Arabian Ranches as well - the original rather than ranches 2. It seems to have a really active community.

GreenOranges Sat 15-Feb-20 11:18:13

The Springs is great. There are always lots for rent and you'll be able to find one that opens onto the park. They're busy with families every afternoon, although lots of the children are with nannies. The Lakes is also popular depending on your budget.
I don't know much about Al Furjan, but the access has been made much better recently.
Green Community DIP another option if you want Jebel Ali end of town.

Loss of classes for children and fitness ones for you. Real Mums takes a while to be approved. But there are also FB groups for every nationality so do a search and they'll come up.
Also try joining Sandpit Babies & Tots.

Aweden Tue 11-Feb-20 06:39:37

Thanks so much! I did actually, they haven’t approvd it ☹️. I guess because I’m still in Doha and not in Dubai.

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FrequentFlyer96 Mon 10-Feb-20 16:08:46

Would recommend joining facebook group Real Mums of Dubai and asking the question on there - you’ll get some good advice - it’s a big group with members living across Dubai and beyond so you’ll get a good range of options!


Aweden Mon 10-Feb-20 15:48:16

So we will be moving to Dubai in a month or so from Doha and I’m very anxious about finding the right place for us. Ideally we want to stay in a villa in a community around Jebel Ali. I have been stay at home for a while now with my 2.5 year old. It has been very painful, with little time for self care, and infrequent socialization because of our setup and a wrong choice in compound (it just didn't have many toddlers or young families). I fear that may repeat again. I’m looking for a community where it will be easy for me and my tot to make friends, and also offer me classes etc to be able to get back into shape (desperately in need). We have Springs and Al Furjan on top of our list but online I see that most villas have a closed yard, so not exactly easy to step out and say hello to neighbours (which I want and need because expat life is hard as it is, especially when you are new to a place). I should mention that I am in my late thirties and my husband 41, and so it would be so nice to be able to meet couples born in our decade. Tall ask? I don’t know. Just hoping that Dubai won’t turn out as miserable as Doha. And if anyone is able to give us tips on where to look that would be a great help.

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