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camelsandcaramel Mon 20-Jan-20 09:52:40

Hello from Bahrain!

I've just got back from the gym, sick and tired of my new workout and dull as dishwater Dry January, so what a perfect day to start planning the summer holidays!

I really don't want to go 'home' for anymore than 2 weeks max! Instead I've decided to try and help our struggling 12 DS with his Spanish.

Has anyone done a language & sports camp in Spain? Both DS (12 &9) are beginners, big into sports and need Spanish lessons. I'm feeling a little overwhelmed with what I'm finding on line. DH will be with us for a couple of weeks but will need to get back to work so it would be just me and the boys there.

Selfishly(?!) residential camps will leave me bored so I'm thinking about day camps.

Are these camps any good? Has anyone got any experience, either good or bad?

Thanks x

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citychick Wed 22-Jan-20 03:22:09

Following this as I have a ds who takes Spanish and lives tennis.

thelongdarkteatimeofthesoul Fri 24-Jan-20 10:49:39

I think language camps are usually kids only - DD who'll be 15 in the summer is eager to go on a French one. We have lots of brochures but all from German companies (EF is the best known but there are loads as you say). DD is hoping to go with a school friend though.

My nearly 13 year old wouldn't go on a camp alone, but the children usually live in host families otherwise there is no immersion.

When DD was 12 and 13 we just went to France (narrow boat holiday one year, Paris the next) for some french contact, rather than a camp.

What are the with-parent options you've found? My youngest wants to learn Spanish, could be interesting!

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