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Anyone in Bulgaria?

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ShellySara Mon 27-Aug-07 22:03:36


Just put my first posting on the April 08 birth-club forum, and just wondered if there is anyone living in Bulgaria?


chloeb2002 Fri 28-Sep-07 07:41:53

Hello, sorry not in BG but my dad does live there. In the hills just outside Sofia. Lovely country. Great stuffed peppers and feta cheese. The bread sucks tho! But hey there is tescos now i believe. Oh and maccas.

Budababe Fri 28-Sep-07 07:53:58

I used to!

Live in Bistritza for 2 years and then moved "down the mountain" to Simeonovo.

I liked the bread!

Am now in Hungary and believe me the Bulgarians are much nicer people. Hungarians a bit (lot?) "dour".

Budababe Fri 28-Sep-07 08:06:01

ShellySara - where in BG are you? I noticed on some of your other threads that you haven't found an English speaking doc. There are lots in Sofia.

I can put you in touch with people who are still living there and who have had children there.

Budababe Fri 28-Sep-07 08:06:47

Oh - am going away today till Tuesday but I will check back on this thread to see how you are doing.

PrincessGoodLife Fri 28-Sep-07 08:14:09

Not in Bulgaria but am nosey by nature smile. How did you end up living in Bulgaria? Am in Bosnia and always get asked the same... my turn now!
Budababe - at this rate we'll be able to start an eastern european thread to and stuff. hmm

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