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Is there an age limit on taking your 'kids' with you?

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CSEpicFailure Thu 02-Jan-20 23:27:33

DH works for a huge US company and we would be able to request an overseas posting. Just waiting to see what happens post-Brexit/letting the kids finish their education's (Y12 & Y10).

I guess it depends on countries but does anyone know if we could move en famille once the kids are adults or would they need to get their own Visas sorted?

I guess we're thinking Canada or USA: Australia less likely but possible.


FeigningHorror Thu 02-Jan-20 23:54:07

A friend who works at a big multinational has just declared her interest in a US posting, and it’s been made clear that her nineteen year old is not part of the package, and will have to make his own visa arrangements were he to accompany her.

ByAppointmentTo Fri 03-Jan-20 01:22:22

For the US the children age out at 21. So if your DH moved to the US with his employer on an L1 visa then the children would be included until the age of 21. After that if they haven't got permanent residency they would need to leave the country or have a visa that they qualify for.

daydreambeleiver Fri 03-Jan-20 01:53:20

Generally around 18 is the cut off, they would easily qualify for student visas but as the us does not allow dependents to work, it's not ideal for them to accompany unless they are studying on tied visas

MayLeaveADentInYourSofa Sat 04-Jan-20 03:44:25

If it is an employment based visa for the US (most likely L1 from your description) the children would be included up to age 21. Ensure that applying for permanent residency is included as part of the relocation package.

CSEpicFailure Sat 04-Jan-20 23:01:26

Thanks everyone.

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