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Mumosa Tue 05-Nov-19 15:05:57

Hi all, just looking for some experiences and advice on this move we’re getting ready for. Any tips on where to live? St Chris’s or BSB? Things to do there as a family, couple? I have a million questions so if anyone is willing to help it would be much appreciated! Thanks we have 2 DD’s 4yrs and 9yrs. DH will wok at the airport, I’ll be a sahm.

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Mumosa Tue 05-Nov-19 15:07:07

**work not wok

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Ahem12 Sat 16-Nov-19 19:57:24

We moved from BSB to st chris, you won’t find much info online about which one is better as people tend to only have experience of one. For us st chris was a great move. Library is awesome, layout is much better, if you can tour both then that’ll help make up your mind. The teaching standard is the same in my opinion.
Both can have long waiting lists, and they almost try and put you off (almost to see who is really keen!) just keep pestering. People leave all the time, you just have to be the next one on the phone when someone has announced they’re leaving.
Traffic to bsb was horrific, go to each at pick up / drop off time.
Saar, Hamala, Budaiya areas are all full of expats. Look for the rugby club and dilmun club on google maps and you’ll spot the compounds.
Use more than one agent to show you properties. The photos online aren’t always of the correct house.
Electricity is expensive - ask to see inclusive properties and what the cap is.
We pay up to 500bd in the summer for a 4 bed (£1000).

Mumosa Sat 16-Nov-19 22:07:58

Thank you for your reply. How come you moved from BSB, was it just the traffic? Do you like living in Bahrain? We’re looking at Saar and Hamala to live, thanks for the tip on the energy bill. That’s astronomical! We’ll visit in February and move in April. How long have you lived there for? We’re in Liverpool at present.

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OhTheTastyNuts Sat 16-Nov-19 22:15:27

I lived in Hamala for a while as a teen (40s now!) It's a nice compound. There's a beach and a pool. It's safe and friendly.
We also lived in Awali for a while which was great, and in the Haji Hassan tower near Manama.

I'd love to go back and see how much it has all changed!

Funnybugger Thu 21-Nov-19 19:06:39

Bahrain is fab for families! So much to do- especially for 4 and 9 year olds. Just for your info, St Chris is non profit making unlike BSB which is for profit. It makes a difference with how staff are treated and with regards to the resources/space available. St Chris every time for me!

Mumosa Thu 21-Nov-19 20:19:03

Thank you for your replies it’s so nice to hear people’s experiences. I’m so scared and excited. We have a wonderful life in Liverpool, lots of friends and close family. We’re leaving a lot behind. However it’s something we have to get out of our system and give ago. It’s not forever.
We’ve applied for both BSB And St Chris just waiting for my daughter to do the assessments ( fingers crossed she passes )!

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ColdRainAgain Mon 25-Nov-19 11:01:51

I know a number of families who gave moved to Bahrain. Those families with links to a school so where in the world have unfailingly applied for BSB. Parents without a school background (teacher, TA, admin staff) tend to prefer St Chris's.
See where you get offered- that may well make your decision for you!
I'd strongly recommend living on the "correct" side of the causeway road for whatever school you are at!

If your husband is up at the airport, and you are looking just for primary, have you considered Nadeen School? I guess it depends on how long you are planning on being there, but if the 9 year old is Y4, id put that into the mix.

Mumosa Mon 25-Nov-19 11:29:11

Yes true, we’re leaving it to fate now. They both look like great schools from the Instagram pages. Thank you for your message. We’ll be house hunting in feb, so will keep the causeway in mind when choosing.

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Gavlaaaaaaa Mon 25-Nov-19 18:23:36

@ColdRainAgain ”Those families with links to a school so where in the world have unfailingly applied for BSB. Parents without a school background (teacher, TA, admin staff) tend to prefer St Chris's.”
Just out of interest, would you clarify this, please? Am I correct in interpreting this in that families that have worked elsewhere as expats prefer BSB and parents who come from the U.K. prefer St Chris? I’m not sure if I have understood that correctly. 😊

ColdRainAgain Mon 25-Nov-19 18:37:11

@Gavlaaaaaaa Families I know who have worked somewhere in the world in a school, who have then moved to Bahrain, all chose BSB.
Families I know who moved to Bahrain with no experience working in a school (from anywhere in the world) go to both.
I know approx a dozen families in Bahrain. The 4 families with parents (mothers) who had worked in a school elsewhere chose BSB. 6 others chose St Chris's. The other 2 are at BSB.
Sorry, I know it's not clear- which possibly means it's not actually a correlation! They are pretty much all family on second or more expat postings. Does that help?

Gavlaaaaaaa Mon 25-Nov-19 18:44:51

@ColdRainAgain Yes - that makes sense.👍 I always find it interesting in how both schools are perceived. I have good friends that work at both as teachers - I get the impression there’s not much in it between the staff (overall) but it’s more in the leading of the school that makes the difference (hence my earlier comment about profit/nonprofit making). Would love to be a fly on the wall at both 😂

habibihabibi Thu 28-Nov-19 02:47:07

I've worked at both schools and agree staffing standard is similar , mostly British and other commonwealth nationality teachers.

I would always choose not for profit over an owner operated school. BSB has had it's problems of late with a rapid turnover in leadership. The class sizes are higher and profit driven culture means it lacks human and physical resources.
Little professional development and a weird assessment system driven by owning company.
Previously I would have said either but if it was for my own children, St Chris would be my choice.
Beacon, although not British curriculum, is also gaining a good reputation.
Nadeen, good for early years but I would be wary beyond KS1.

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