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Studentnursesos12e Sat 05-Oct-19 00:03:27


I don’t know why I’m posting at this random hour 😂 but I can’t sleep anyway

I’m a 3rd year student nurse (no bursary plus pay tuition fees) I’m likely to be getting a job in A&E or critical care. (Hopefully)

I’ll be 21 when I qualify, and need 2 years experience. I’m also hoping to do some post grad/masters in this time. This would make me 23.

I visited Australia for a months holiday in June and really liked it, we only went to Brisbane, Gold Coast and Byron bay and surrounding areas.

I have extensive family over there on both my mums and dads side.

I know I can go on a 1 year WHV then if I like it look into the 2 year sponsorship/489/other options. If I didn’t like it/had enough I’d probably go to NZ then back to UK.

Anyway my only issue is I’m fiercely ambitious and careerist, probably too ambitious. However the way the NHS is at the moment I’ll definitely need a break from it.

I don’t even know why I’ve made this post really 😂 but has anyway emigrated abroad/to Australia early in their career, and had success.

And anyone who works as a nurse in Australia I’d like to hear what working conditions are like.

The A&E unit I did my placement in was regularly over capacity by hundreds of patients and the reality of the nurse ratio was 1:12, but supported by HCAs who were v good.

Sorry for the midnight ramble 😂

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HennyPennyHorror Sat 05-Oct-19 00:40:05

I can''t tell you what the conditions are like here for nurses but if you visit this site below

You can not only read the thread I linked to (it's a bit old so start your own) but you can join and talk to others who have done what you're wanting to do.

I emigrated to South Australia from the UK 4 years ago and I am so glad.

It's amazing here in so many ways.

Cordial11 Sat 05-Oct-19 00:47:21

Hi ! We emigrated last December and we are only 26.

Not a nurse but one of family members is... the big differences she says is its 5 shifts a week, early late or nights rather than long days.Also, alot less patients to care for on a ward per nurse. The money is also great!!! It’s a real well paying role.

Have a look re nursing visa requirements and how much experience you need as some visas have set amounts after qualifying i.e 5 years practical etc. Maybe even speak with a visa agent if your serious about long term. We were nominated for permanent residency for my partners work and he finished his apprenticeship over 5 years ago...

Methyl Sat 05-Oct-19 01:07:25

Do it OP - you'd never look back. Nursing in Australia can be very well paid (depending on your area) and is certainly much less pressurised than working within the NHS. I'm a HCP (not a nurse) and have nurse friends earning well over $100 an hour. When you add this to the general quality of life upgrade you get moving from the UK to australia I would do it in a heartbeat.

Weenurse Sat 05-Oct-19 01:14:53

General shift are either 8 hours or 12 hours depending on where you work.
In Victoria in public hospitals there is a mandated ratio of 1 nurse to 4 patients.
No mandated ratio in private hospitals.
Our hospital does offer sponsorship to overseas nurses with 3 years experience or more.
Also offers programs for specialist education in critical care and operating room nursing. Emergency nursing is covered in critical care program.
PM me if you want details.

LemonPrism Sat 05-Oct-19 02:31:44

Not sure you should've become a nurse if you're fiercely ambitious... aren't they v intelligent people who are constantly shit on and have a wage ceiling?

Cordial11 Sat 05-Oct-19 02:48:49

@LemonPrism you can be an ambitious nurse, there are places to move up the ladder.


mrbob Sat 05-Oct-19 03:05:47

My friends who are nurses over here are better paid, have better opportunities and appear to have better qualities of life the in the UK. I have 2 nurse friends who are married to each other, both work part time and live in the country on a big property with horses and not much in the way of money worries. I think that sort of life is much easier here
Just be aware you may not be able to do nursing on a WHV. But otherwise go for it!

Aus84 Sat 05-Oct-19 03:06:23

My mother has been a nurse here for nearly 50 years. Her roster is a mix of early (early morning until early afternoon) late (mid afternoon until late evening) and night shifts 4 nights in a row per month. She enjoys her job, sometimes it's very busy, sometimes quiet. Sometimes she's a supervisor without a patient load. Depending on overtime etc she makes over 100k (Aus) which for over here is a very comfortable wage. There's always work and she's been able to move around a bit to keep things interesting.

Noorbaccus Sun 06-Oct-19 07:54:28

Hi read your post. This is just my opinion okay. I am UK trained and left a fantastic job in the UK. I worked as an advanced nurse practitioner lived my job but we wanted to travel to OZ for a year. I feel much less opportunity here , NP only just getting off the ground. Nurses fairly restricted here, practice is safe but behind in some respects, medical staff highly regarded and this can impact nursing roles. I recently had surgery in private sector my consultant didn't even bother to consult with nurses just directly with me so I knew the plan the nurses didn't. This is just my opinion though... I changed direction for my sanity and after 8 years don't mind going to work and have found a. Lively GP practice that allows me to practice as NP.

Studentnursesos12e Mon 14-Oct-19 20:14:21

Thanks all, amazing responses

@LemonPrism I get that quite a lot, its an attitude that drives me to succeed in nursing

In career developments it is now going to be critical care where I work as a NQN (subject to passing y3) and where I will do my final (4 month) placement

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