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Geneva...Tell me everything, please

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Cadmum Wed 01-Aug-07 12:30:56

The thread title says it all really. DH has been offered a promotion and we are off to Geneva after a really challenging year in Vienna. I am not sure that we are up for the move but we are not very happy where we are.

We have four children: 10,8, 5 and 1 1/2.

Thanks in Advance!

LIZS Wed 01-Aug-07 12:36:54

Join this group run by a friend There are also some localised Geneva based sites.

Cadmum Wed 01-Aug-07 13:11:59

Thanks! I think my biggest worry is school. We regret having sent the older two to the International School and would prefer to try other options this time.

GroaningGameGirly Wed 01-Aug-07 13:13:12

Lived just outside Geneva for 20 years. Went to Swiss school but had lots of English friends. Try the Geneva English School. Meant to be wonderful in my day, and apparently still is.

SueW Wed 01-Aug-07 13:14:55

LizS - do yo miss CH? Do you still keep in touch with people/visit?

Cadmum Wed 01-Aug-07 13:17:17

Thankyou GGG. I will look at the English School but think that I might actually like to send them to Swiss school. Did you enjoy it?

GroaningGameGirly Wed 01-Aug-07 13:20:22

It was OK. I don't know really. I went to boarding school when I was 13 back in the UK and preferred it. Can't say why I didn't like it. Perhaps I'm just not a school person! I preferred the work aspect at boarding school because it was more challenging, although I was very behind in every subject except French! To be honest, none of the people I've kept in touch with seem very "stretched", if you see what I mean. As a teenager, I couldn't wait to leave Geneva, it was so quiet and I felt all my English friends were having more fun in England, but now I have my own family, I'd love to go back!

LIZS Wed 01-Aug-07 13:24:07

Can't believe it is 2 years since we left already, only just got our last tax bill . Miss friends , the lifestyle and mountains ... I've not visited since last summer when we met a friend in Geneva and holidayed in Zermatt, Saas Fee and Annecy but dh has been over with work. Saw some friends who were over in UK a few weeks back and keep in email/phone contact with others. In fact {whispers} I still eavesdrop on the Expat lists and am on Silverspoon although that has gone very quiet. We're due to ski over there next winter too, something to look forward to

oldhen Fri 31-Aug-07 15:15:00
This is a good site with local info.
I would also recommend the group Liz mentioned (I am a member too).
Geneva is a great place to live. There are lots of English speakers. I am sure you will find people to help you settle in.

Cadmum Tue 18-Sep-07 16:02:19

Thanks oldhen

I am only back now to find your message.

We are expected in Geneva on November 5th... I am feeling overwhelmed by all of the decisions about where to live, where to send the children to school etc etc...

I have tried to join the group that LIZS recommended but our internet is way too slow to make it helpful. I shall try the site that oldhen suggested but in the mean time any advice is graciously received! TIA

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