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What Perth Suburbs are best for young family etc

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geek3 Sat 28-Jul-07 16:45:20


We used to live in Fremantle W.A. 8 years ago for 18 months with DH's job. Now we are considering moving back but would really appreciate anyone who lives in the Perth area giving advice on best suburbs to move to with young family (Ds's are 5 and 7) We have friends without kids still in Perth but as they are going through a bad patch in their relatinship, we really don't want to bombard them with our queries atm! Not sure how much has changed in the 8 years since we lived in Freo! We would prefer an out of city location as opposed to town house style thing. Other than that we are at a loss for the nice areas etc.

ANy help greatly appreciated.

mamama Sun 29-Jul-07 04:27:21

Bumping this for the Aussie crowd, who should be surfacing soon

suzywong Sun 29-Jul-07 06:31:12

go back to South or East Freo

or what about Mount Pleasant/Applecross where I live? 10ks from the city, the beach and Freo and close to both rivers.

TBH they are all pretty good for kids, but you may want to steer clear of Giraween and Balcatta, but I don't know where you have come from in the UK and tbh there's nothing like Toxteth here, really, IYSWIM.

geek3 Sun 29-Jul-07 15:03:43


We originally come from and have been living in Devon and Dorset since returning to the UK. We also lived in Brisbane which was really lovely but prefer Perth for a number of reasons. DH will be based around Bibra Lake but is happy to spend 45/60 mins driving to work. What I really want is a quiet sleepy area near good schools and close to an 'easy route' out of Perth down towards Margaret River etc avoiding traffic for weekends away. I want to avoid being worried about driving through any 'dodgy' areas IYSWIM to get to places if that makes sense? It's been so long since we were there and priorities change with children of course.

suzywong Sun 29-Jul-07 15:22:52

you must remember that weekends away mean driving for 2-3 hours plus. And if you drive fast enough it won't matter what area you are travelling through.

Sounds to me like you should have a look in the Bibra Lake area, nice and close to the freeway, or maybe go a bit further like jandacot or attwell or roelystone if you really want to get out.

best of luck

humpydumpy Mon 30-Jul-07 07:05:06

Bibra Lake is nice, my bil lives there.

You could always look out Mandurah way as once the rail line is up an running it would make it alot easier to commute. Also very handy for heading down south on the weekend.

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