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RIGHT AUSSIE MUMS - your mission should you chose to accept it...

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eidsvold Thu 26-Jul-07 05:46:08

I have been invited to morning tea with the governor of QLD - Mrs Quentin Bryce.

NO idea what to wear - invitation says day dress - so figure my usual winter uniform of jeans shirt and trainers is out

Also needs to be suitable for breastfeeding as I will have dd3 with me


eidsvold Thu 26-Jul-07 05:46:57

pear shaped body with a c-section hangover to disguise

eidsvold Thu 26-Jul-07 05:48:04

oh and do not want to spend a lot as it will probably not get a lot of wear - although it could possibly get another look in at theatre to see Miss Saigon.

eidsvold Thu 26-Jul-07 05:52:26

oh and shoes - preferable in mid heel

I know I want it all

eidsvold Thu 26-Jul-07 06:03:43

what about this

SittingBull Thu 26-Jul-07 06:10:52

Message withdrawn

eidsvold Thu 26-Jul-07 06:14:16

what about this instead - smae style sort of with wrap around

do have a white wrap top with jade embroidery perhaps I should find a skirt to match that

decisions decisions

SittingBull Thu 26-Jul-07 06:16:08

Message withdrawn

SittingBull Thu 26-Jul-07 06:17:54

Message withdrawn

SittingBull Thu 26-Jul-07 06:18:57

Message withdrawn

SittingBull Thu 26-Jul-07 06:20:09

Message withdrawn

suzywong Thu 26-Jul-07 06:20:20

ooooohhhh, get you
shame it wasn't mrs BP, didn't she have a famous recipe for pumpkin scones

what about this

and this skirt

kind of thing which will see you into summer too

SittingBull Thu 26-Jul-07 06:22:00

Message withdrawn

SittingBull Thu 26-Jul-07 06:22:36

Message withdrawn

eidsvold Thu 26-Jul-07 06:32:31

they don't make my size in the blouse even though I love it - wouldn't fit my huge boobs in!!! But it is gorgeous.

Skirt is an option with the blouse I already have.

I did look at the black and white ensemble too SittingBull.

HEr recipe for the pumpkin scones is scrumptious.

The governor is a patron of our DOwn Syndrome Association and it is a morning tea for 'young' mothers - more about being mothers of young children rather than young women - which I am not!!

eidsvold Thu 26-Jul-07 06:33:56

if it was wrap around I figured I could pull it to the side with wrap over my shoulder so nothing exposed anyway iyswim.

eidsvold Thu 26-Jul-07 06:35:56

have never tried a wrap dress on - must go and try one on to see if is suits my shape.

I am really not a dress sort of woman.

winter - trousers or jeans and shirts/jumpers

summer - 3/4 length capri sort of trousers and t-shirts or blouses. I own my wedding dress and a ball sort of dress. Two skirts and that is it.

eidsvold Thu 26-Jul-07 06:37:05

what about this skirt?

SittingBull Thu 26-Jul-07 06:41:18

Message withdrawn

SittingBull Thu 26-Jul-07 06:44:07

Message withdrawn

SittingBull Thu 26-Jul-07 06:44:49

Message withdrawn

eidsvold Thu 26-Jul-07 06:46:30

love the trousers - am looking at others now.

SittingBull Fri 27-Jul-07 04:39:42

Message withdrawn

SittingBull Fri 27-Jul-07 07:11:36

Message withdrawn

eidsvold Sat 28-Jul-07 11:38:42

i had to go to a Westfield shopping mall yesterday and hand out letters to every store. Had a look - saw a few nice shirts.

Tried on a wrap dress today - patter was so crap it looked horrid.

I did find some lovely shirts I thought would look good with black trousers or an olive skirt I found in the wardrobe. So am off later in the week or early next week to see what I can find. have a busy week this week.

Morning tea is 13th August. So have a little time.

Saw a lovely blouse that had a ribbon tie around the waist - white with a reddy pink pinstripe.

Tried a cream cross over blouse but it would make it very difficult to breast feed discreetly. Did see a gorgeous smocky type blousey shirt in jeanswest that would look fab with black trousers AND i could actually hide dd3 under it whilst I fed.

I noticed Target was putting out new spring stock so will have a look there.

Still looking for shoes as well. Tried some that were okay but just not quite what I wanted.

I will post what i end up with.

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