Sydney - all feels a bit chicken and egg

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Binkybix Sun 26-May-19 19:41:06

Hi All

We have the chance to move to Sydney, but there’s a couple of things holding me back.

The first is schools. I’m not sure that we’d get private school fees for the older one, who is 6.

In general, how have people managed the move when it comes up choosing an area? Schools (with places) will be important and the one thing that might stop this happening, but no idea how to find out what has good schools and then find if they have places. Schools first, or area?!

Youngest is 4 and I think we’ll get funding for a nursery place, although I would rather a pre-school.

Also, any recommendations on areas? Work will be CBD and keen for minimal commute and close to schools if at all possible. Not sure on rental budget yet (crap HR) so all suggestions welcomed.

Feeling quite overwhelmed. Have wanted this for ages and now feel on the verge of chickening out!

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