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welshy2240 Mon 20-May-19 14:37:30

DH and I lived in San Francisco and Canada for 9 years. In the beginning it was just the two of us until DD came along in the last two years. We always struggled with the decision to be overseas and often talked about returning to the UK. About two years ago an opportunity presented itself to return to the UK and we moved. We were looking for a better life balance, quality of life, reduced cost of living with more opportunities to save, proximity to family etc. which we felt a UK move would provide. Anyway as soon as we landed, we regretted the decision and its been a tough two years as we've tried to reconcile ourselves with the move and adjust. Adjustment has not come easy and all the "goals" we set out to achieve have not been fulfilled. Now on paper, everything is good. We have a nice house, a good school for DD to attend, live in a nice area etc. but we still feel restless. The upheaval is putting us off and it is easier not to move, but would Canada offer us, long term, what we desire?I know this is a personal choice and no one can make a decision for us, but I guess I'm just trying to espress myself and put my thoughts in one place. Perhaps others have been in a similar situation?

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NerfWars Tue 21-May-19 10:05:02

Sorry, I can’t offer a solution but I’m in the same position but moving back to the states. It’s really hard isn’t it? We have been back two years also and lucky enough that my DH’s company will help relocate us but I’m scared it’s the wrong decision again. I know what you mean about being restless, we are trying to weigh up the pro’s and cons but feel like we are going in circles. I love my house here and things are easier, especially my job prospects and ability to go into further education at reasonable prices! But I don’t see the same opportunities for my husband and kids here, although university is free! I just don’t know if I could start all over again. What are you looking for in Canada? Is it achievable here?

Teddybear45 Tue 21-May-19 10:13:21

It really depends on what you are looking for. I personally don’t believe there are more opportunities for children in Canada but I live close to London, have a professional job, and see even Toronto / Vancouver as provincial backwaters in comparison to New York / London / California; but with very similar work cultures (and more frustration).

If, however, you’re looking for a quieter life than London, have your own business / health or care related jobs then maybe Canada is the best option.

Nobody can tell you really. I have a lot of family in Canada and it seems all of them are moving out of the country (or planning to) because quality of life and opportunities are better elsewhere.

welshy2240 Thu 23-May-19 19:11:53

Thank you nerd wars. I do feel like I’m going round in circles! I’m also scared of making the wrong decision. I think it’s always going to be uncomfortable making a big decision like this as there’s lots to consider and the thought of leaving family behind is sad. I just feel sad when I think of growing old in the UK. Vancouver is a thriving technology hub which is great for my husband’s job. I love the space, outdoor life, bigger houses and attitude in Canada. Nobody talks to you here and it feels like such an old, inward looking country

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LittleMy77 Thu 23-May-19 22:33:51

We're in a similar position, and thinking of moving back to the UK from the US.

I'm English, DH is American and DS will be ready to start school in 2020. We're really on the fence about it, but don't want to stay in the US. I am really worried we'll move back and get buyers remorse once we're there!

Ideally it needs to be the last move as I want DS in one school system; its just so hard to know what is the 'right' decision

DinkyTie Thu 23-May-19 22:39:18

I lived in Vancouver a long time ago, and I would jump at the chance to move back.

We left London after 10 years last year, and I can honestly say it's great to be out. I loved our time there, but I don't think you can see what an actual rat-race it is until you're no longer in it.

You'll never know if it's the right or wrong thing to do, until you try smile

breakfastpizza Thu 23-May-19 23:00:23

I've lived and worked all over the place and I don't really feel settled anywhere anymore. I think it's a common experience for expats.

Vancouver is insanely expensive. Are you sure you'd have the same quality of life there? Toronto, too, unless you want to commute long distances.


myadviceisdontskippaps Thu 23-May-19 23:07:34

I moved back to canada last summer with ds (several years in USA and grew up in London suburbs). Toronto (and Vancouver I hear) are insanely expensive compared to when I last lived here about 9 years ago. You pretty much need two six figure incomes to buy a decent size single family house anywhere in the GTA. I think that’s the main downside.
I actually rent downtown as I can’t manage a commute as a single mum (childcare doesn’t work out) - and I will say the “lifestyle”/quality of life is pretty good, just that of course you get what you pay for. Things to do are no more expensive here than anywhere else, and just outside the GTA are some really amazing provincial parks etc.
Also childcare in urban areas is very difficult and oversubscribed and expensive - I lucked into a spot here but I’ve heard even in the suburbs you have to try and get on waitlists for before/after school almost a year in advance and not everyone gets a spot.
Just some food for thought.

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