Where would you live in Barcelona?

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wholeness Fri 10-May-19 16:54:24

Great, thank you very much for your help! I will pass on your advice to her and hopefully it will help her research.

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LiliesAndChocolate Thu 02-May-19 10:46:50

Bikken you seem to have missed that the OP's daughter wants to live somewhere quiet. I love Gracia, it is vibrant, lively and full of happy people . At 3am, 4am, a friend lived near Plaza de Sol and she would have people blocking the entrance of the building as they had passed out drunk or urinating on her door.
And the DD is doing a university exchange for a year, I doubt she wants to buy a property!

Bikken Thu 02-May-19 09:37:35

I stayed in two areas during my time there, Gracia and Born- and would 100% recommend areas. Both Born and Gracia are walking distance from most things in Barcelona, and during my time in Barcelona I can actually count the number of times that I used the Metro. But if I had to buy a property in Barcelona tranio.com/spain/catalonia/barcelona/ it seems pretty expensive though confused, then I would look for an area closer to the beach. Poble Nou is a great area to live.

LiliesAndChocolate Mon 29-Apr-19 23:26:30

Sarrià and Pedralbes are the quieter place to live but also more expensive. The upper part of the Eixample is a good alternative. Avoid Gracia , the old city and barceloneta.

She has to become very very aware of the pickpockets in Barcelona. Under 400 euros, police will not act so even if pickpocket is caught in the act by police, they can’t do anything so pickpockets are everywhere.
Never put a bag at the back of chair or on floor. On her lap in cafes and metro, always carry the backpack on her chest and so on.

Barcelona is an amazing city, she is very lucky. I miss it dearly

wholeness Mon 29-Apr-19 21:51:13

My dd is spending a year in Barcelona on an erasmus year. She will be working in the city centre. She is not particularly interested in partying and would like to live somewhere quiet. Can anyone recommend an area? It's all a bit overwhelming at the minute

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