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The8thMonth Tue 26-Feb-19 03:44:40


I'm looking for some guidance on what to do about primary children's schooling in Singapore. @mmgirish @tomhazard

We've just had our visas through and will be moving to Singapore in April 2019 from Tokyo, Japan. Currently, I've two boys in Reception and Year 2 at the British School in Tokyo. I've been trying to find places for my two sons at schools in Singapore for April 2019, but unfortunately there are not many options.

I could put them both into ISS international school, although, it wouldn't be my first choice. Or I could put my Year 2 boy in to One World International School and then wait until August 2019 for my Reception boy to go. Any thoughts on either of those schools?

I wanted to know whether it would be feasible to keep them out of school from April 2019 until August 2019 when hopefully, I'll be able to get them both into the same school somewhere. Are there any tutoring agencies which may be able to provide them schooling for a term so they are not too far behind? Will missing one term at this age be detrimental to their schooling?

This whole move to Singapore has been very last minute and unfortunately many of the schools require evidence of visas before an application can be made.

Any thoughts appreciated!

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tomhazard Tue 26-Feb-19 08:45:41

Hi op which schools have you looked at ? Is it Dulwich and Tanglin?

I probably wouldn't keep them out of school , particularly the older one, but that depends on their personality to a certain extent - you might find you still can't get two places for those year groups when August comes round so you will have wasted time where they would have settled.

Have you looked at uwcsea? They have two campuses and it's a great school. Also St Joseph's international is great and may have space. I don't know much about One World- it's the 'cheap ' market so I expect there will be less facilities but it'll be fine.

Many people use the cheaper schools as 'holding' schools before they get a place elsewhere - these include one world, invictus and Middleton international school. I think they would all be fine- you could try one then if a place comes up at one of the ones you've looked at you can move them if you
Still want to .

tomhazard Tue 26-Feb-19 08:46:44

Ps I would steer clear of ISS if you have another choice

The8thMonth Tue 26-Feb-19 09:47:13

Hi @tomhazard

I've enquired at a number of schools: Taglin, Dover Court, GESS, ISS, Dulwich, Middleton, and One World.

Currently, ISS and Middleton would take them both from April. One World will take one boy from April and the other from August. The others were all full with wait lists.

I briefly looked at UWCSEA but with tuition upwards of 40,000 SGD a year we can't don't want to reach to that with 3 children.

Thanks for the tip on Joseph's. I'll definitely have a look and make an enquiry.

Also, thanks for the comment on ISS.... It's just a feeling I got that perhaps the fit was not quite right. At least someone else thinks so too...

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The8thMonth Tue 26-Feb-19 09:49:04

I was thinking of using One World as a holding school and then visiting Dover Court when I get there to see if it's worth being on the wait list, which is currently till August 2020

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tomhazard Tue 26-Feb-19 12:42:16

Sensible plan Op. you might find your children are happy at one world and you don't want to move them. I met the head there once she was really lovely.

Me and my family are moving back out early July - my dc are 6 and 3 so sound similar to yours if you want to connect. Feel free to pm me with any further questions

tomhazard Tue 26-Feb-19 12:52:01

Dover Court and St Joseph's are much smaller, nurturing environments if that matters to you. They have 4 form (ish) entry rather than 10 or so that you get at dulwich and uwcsea. I prefer this for my dc personally.
Dover Court cater for SEN, SJi don't If that is a factor for you.


The8thMonth Tue 26-Feb-19 13:23:03


Singapore must be a nice place to live as you mention you are heading back in July.

My DC are 6, 5 and 0. So pretty similar to yours in age. I was trying to find a similar school to what the boys currently have in Tokyo. I think Dover Court is probably most similar, as it is a smaller school.

Looked into SJI but they are not accepting waiting list applications for Grade 1 this August as they are so full. Fortunately, we have no need of SEN.

Will PM about a meet up in Singapore this summer.

Thank you!!!

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Mother87 Tue 26-Feb-19 16:07:54

--Totally irrelevant this--blushLOVE Singaporegrinfamily originated there, visit frequently... jealoussmile

tomhazard Tue 26-Feb-19 16:26:17

Op Singapore is excellent, I'm sure you will love it and settle in quickly wherever you end up. The only schools I would avoid are ISS and OFS based on reputation , your boys will be fine wherever they go

TerrorAustralis Thu 28-Feb-19 13:02:12

There are plenty of other schools - I would broaden my search. This might help

If you'd like your DCs to keep up with Japanese, EtonHouse offer it as a second language.

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