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ATTN: AUSSIE MUMS - wiggles tickets go on sale 9am tomorrow!!!

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eidsvold Sun 01-Jul-07 02:38:08

get in for your christmas wiggles tickets - guess where I will be at 9am tomorrow!

mymama Sun 01-Jul-07 03:08:03

Thanks eidsvold. We went last year and ds2 fell asleep!!

We will actually be touring UK at that time this year. Very excited - can't wait!! Any tips??

scully Mon 02-Jul-07 02:33:40

Am very glad dd1 doesn't like the Wiggles
We did see Nemo on Ice last week though, that was good.

sibble Mon 02-Jul-07 02:43:33

oh no........ does that mean they will be coming to NZ soon. I did Hi-5 earlier this year. Maybe it's me but there's something not right about grown men dressing up and prancing about singing captain feathersword or whatever it is. I know I'm a bad mother but I just can't bring myself to do it.

MrsJohnCusack Mon 02-Jul-07 03:03:44

oh you see I hope they DO come to NZ because my DD would absolutely love it
(and actually I would too )

eidsvold Mon 02-Jul-07 06:01:33

had fab seats and it timed out on me so now we are in the nose bleed section - having said that needed 8 tickets and it was hard to get that many together.

it is our chrissy thing - take the dds to wiggles.

scully - thought I might try and take the older dds to disney on ice next year. They are just a bit too little.

MrsJohnCusack Mon 02-Jul-07 08:59:06

nothing for NZ
the bastewards! I really want to take DD

welliemum Tue 03-Jul-07 02:09:22

I've never forgiven the Wiggles for teaching dd1 to shout "WAKE UP, BABY!" at newborn dd2 every time dd2 went to sleep.

A year later, I still have a "red mist" moment when I see them creeping up on a peacefuly sleeping Jeff.

That said, we went to "Dorothy the Dinosaur's Dance Party" last year which was clearly a cheapo moneymaking rip-off thing, but dd1 loved it and the look on her face when they started singing "hot potato" was priceless.

MrsJohnCusack Tue 03-Jul-07 02:35:44

that dorothy thing came here JUST before DD got into the Wiggles so we didn't go

she just looks so sweet doing all the actions and singing along. do you think it's true or an urban myth that Jeff had to move house because loads of Sydney teenagers found out where he lived and took to shouting 'Wake Up Jeff' outside?

sibble Tue 03-Jul-07 02:42:15

lol, oh I do wickedly hope so, pay back time for teh constant dorothy and hot potato songs over and over and over again

eidsvold Tue 03-Jul-07 07:43:13

i think it is true Mrs JC!

wellie mum - my two do wake up X to whomever is asleep or looks asleep. thankfully we have managed to get them out of that.

scully Fri 06-Jul-07 11:27:10

after reading that 'wake the baby' comment, I am very grateful that dd1 didn't watch them before dd2 was born
eidsvold, dd1 is 5 and she really enjoyed nemo on ice, a great age to take them to see something like that. we left dd2 with nonna and popppy, as she is 18mths old and a wriggle pot.....

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