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Moving to Sydney in Dec with 6 month old baby! Panicking!

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aquasea Wed 27-Jun-07 18:25:21

Hi everyone,

My first baby is 4 weeks old today and I just found out my husband's work is posting him to Sydney in December! I am stressing as we just settled in our little house, just had our baby, just met loads of other new parents (through NCT) and am feeling very settled (while still trying to kearn how to be a mum to my little boy!). I am worried I will be all alone with a baby and no support. Is anyone else living there with a little one? Or are there organisations like NCT I could join to meet other mums in my area? Also, any suggestions for good areas to live in would be great! Trying to stay positive but it all seems a bit much at the moment.

aqua x

aquasea Wed 27-Jun-07 18:26:09

whoops...sorry bout typing/spelling. typing one handed, holding baby in the other!

SweetyDarling Wed 27-Jun-07 18:34:06

I'm not there now, but am a Sydney girl, so happy to offer advice on areas etc. Where will DH be working?

aquasea Wed 27-Jun-07 19:04:08

In the central business district... they haven't got an office yet as he is going out there to open a branch of his company.

moondog Wed 27-Jun-07 19:05:22

You'll be fine.
We moved to the Iranian/Turkish border when ds was 3 mths and dd 3 years old.
It was fine.

SweetyDarling Thu 28-Jun-07 09:07:30

You will have a pretty wide choice of areas then. How long would DH be happy to commute? Do you have any ideas of areas already? With a new baby, the North Shore would probably be a good place to start - nice and green, a short ferry ride from the CBD, fab beaches nearby.
Have a look at Mosman as a starting point. Not cheap, but then Sydney isn't.
Have a look at to get an idea of house prices/rent.

expatmama Thu 28-Jun-07 09:20:14

my top tip for meeting other mum's would be to go to as many baby groups that you can find - that's how i found friends with same age children when i moved to bahrain 2 years ago.
good luck.

mrmiloopy Sun 01-Jul-07 21:20:15

One of my best friends moved to Sydney last year and is expecting her first baby in August. Her husband is from Sydney and they have just moved into their own house. She would be an excellent person to email if that helps?

aquasea Tue 03-Jul-07 05:33:40

Oooo - Mrmiloopy, that would be amazing...if she wouldn't mind.

mrmiloopy Tue 03-Jul-07 15:22:50

No problem , I shall drop her an email, I am sure she would be happy to help. She loves it there. We are hoping to visit them for my 40th in Dec 08, can't wait!

mrmiloopy Sun 08-Jul-07 09:39:04

hi aquasea, just had a chat with my friend and she is more than happy for you to email her.

Jackaroo Tue 07-Aug-07 14:16:32

Hi Aquasea

Just seen this - don't know if it helps to know someone else is on course for the same move??!!

See my very long titled-post!


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