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Newbie here, living in Austria

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debinaustria Wed 27-Jun-07 08:17:17


Just joined today, we moved from the UK to Austria in 2005. We have 2 boys aged 7 and 5 and we run our own business. Would love to hear from other parents in Austria/Germany.

Look forward to getting to know you all


Desiderata Wed 27-Jun-07 18:46:47


What part of Austria are you in?

debinaustria Wed 27-Jun-07 23:07:27

Thanks for the bump!!

We live south of Salzburg in a small mountain village.

I liked the look of Mumsnet as it looks so busy and there seem to be a lot of members overseas.


MaureenMLove Wed 27-Jun-07 23:25:51

Not in Austria or Germany, but nice to meet you anyway!

moondog Wed 27-Jun-07 23:27:29

Neither am I but hello Deb.

Wot's your business?

Do you speak German then?

Califrau Wed 27-Jun-07 23:55:53

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

debinaustria Thu 28-Jun-07 06:19:53

Thanks for the welcome,

moondog - we have a holiday business and dh is also a composer working from home

My German is getting better slowly - very slowly, but our 7 year old is very fluent now.

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