Living in Bulgaria?

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Daisydoooooo Tue 18-Dec-18 17:54:12

Can anyone give me an insight of what it is like to live in Bulgaria? I'm from the UK if that makes a difference.

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Kakfor Tue 23-Jul-19 19:10:32

Hi, I know this is an old question, so hopefully, you have already made the move. But if not and you are still it. I moved here 3 years ago. It is an amazing country. I live in Ruse which is a city on the Danube. Almost non-existent crime rates, health care has been great, everything is so cheap, the people are super friendly, and the countryside is stunning.
Of course, there are bad places with higher crime etc so do your research and my advice would be to stay away from areas that the British tend to move to. If you need specific advice please don't hesitate to ask.

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