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MathildeGibb Mon 26-Nov-18 18:28:57


I’m new to this so apologies in advance if there are already hundreds of threads regarding this subject!

My husband, 4 year old son and I are relocating from Clapham to Geneva in the summer and have no idea where to start in terms of where to live!

I would ideally enroll my son in a British / international school and we will need to stay somewhat close to Geneva centre in order for my husband to get to his new office.

Any suggestions / advice welcome!!

I am french so I’m terms of language that is not an issue but Geneva seems huge so guidsnce on best family friendly neighbourhoods welcome!!



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ForgivenessIsDivine Mon 26-Nov-18 20:15:02

Maybe report this post and get it moved to 'Living Overseas'.

I would firstly ask why if you are French would you want to enrol your son in an International school? (My kids are at international school BTW!)

Where is your husband's office? Which side of the Mont blanc bridge makes a big difference to where you should consider living.

There are several international schools, Ecolint (ernational) has three campuses, one near the UN institutions, one on the other side of the lake and one further up the lake in the direction of Lausanne. There is also the British School of Geneva and Geneva English School. I would look at schools and then think about where you want to live.

Geneva has a population of around 200,000 so tiny compared to London, in fact less than the population of the London Borough of Lambeth.

MathildeGibb Mon 26-Nov-18 20:44:44

Hi! Thankyou for your reply!

As we are unsure how long we will be in Geneva for I think it’s best to send him to an English / international school... who know where we will end up next!!

My husband will be based at UBP in rue du Rhône so fairly central judging by the street map I’m looking at!

I’ll see if I can figure out how to move my post!

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ForgivenessIsDivine Tue 27-Nov-18 18:35:23

The nearest school would be Ecolint La Grande Boissière though there are probably some bilingual Montessori schools in the centre. Depending on whether you want apartment and city living or are looking for more suburb life, the areas around Parc Bertrand always seem nice or Cologny Bellerive though these areas are quite expensive. We live on the other side, across the border in France and my husband mostly cycles to work. Budget will be key to deciding where you live!!

heather1 Tue 27-Nov-18 18:36:41

Facebook group International Mums in Switzerland would be a good start. There are probably Facebook groups in Geneva too.

LegoFilledMyLife Tue 04-Dec-18 20:11:45

Hi, I’m in Geneva. Been here for 8 years, having moved from London. My kids are in a public school and we are really happy with it, but for private schools you could also look at (in addition to Ecolint, which is meant to be excellent): institut international du lancy or mosaic.

Rue du Rhône is really central. Agree with pp that champel (area around parc bertrand) is very nice, convenient for the office, but expensive. I quite like Lancy, which is a bit further out, but still good connections (but not totally clear on how good for rue du rhone - check out the TPG website for connections). A bit further out, veyrier is lovely, good for families, and ok links into the centre (30 mins by bus). There’s a small bilingual school there (Ecole Eden), and a slightly larger school (la salesienne, but that’s not bilingual) there as well.

Feel free to pm me.

Howtofindmyfeet Sat 12-Jan-19 23:33:48

Hallo, sorry if I am hijacking this thread but I have also just moved to Geneva as a trailing spouse. Or rather, to the French countryside on the Jura side. I have an 18mo toddler. Do any of you have tips for how I can meet some friends?! There doesn’t seem to be the kind of playgroup culture here like in the U.K. where there’s always a bunch of mums at the local church or children’s centre that you can just immerse yourself in. It’s very quiet where we are and I feel quite disconnected from the city and surrounding towns - but surely there must be other expat mums living in this area? Or do people living over the border in France tend to head into the city for stuff to do? What do people who don’t work and whose children aren’t school age tend to do during the day? I’m quite shy and don’t fine it easy to talk to new people which probably won’t help me if I just go to a random soft play etc. Sorry if this all sounds a bit naive/anxious. Any reassurance or info would be most gratefully received smile


imisswaitrose Mon 14-Jan-19 20:45:22

Howto there is a UK style playgroup in Ferney Voltaire

Howtofindmyfeet Tue 15-Jan-19 12:14:08

Oh that looks good, thank you @imisswaitrose

Howtofindmyfeet Tue 15-Jan-19 12:20:02

I think I am just impatient and I know I can’t expect things to be like my old life!

Twotabbycats Thu 21-Feb-19 23:35:41

Hi Howto (and OP) I have only just seen this when I was flicking through the living overseas section. I'm in the French Jura too, though I don't have children. For outings we sometimes go into Geneva and sometimes hang around here. You've probably worked out all of this already but there are a couple of ok bars in St Genis-Pouilly and a nice tea shop near the top of the high street called Pamplemousse. There's a decent French restaurant in Crozet that won't break the bank. Skiing also at Crozet (take the telecabine up and you are right there with some easy slopes, or just go into the restaurant for a hot chocolate and enjoy the view!). Nearest cinema for films in English (vo) at Balaxert. Nice walks in the vineyards around Dardagny, just across the border in Switzerland. Decent open air swimming pool in Meyrin (opens mid-May). Feel free to pm me... I am quite shy too, except online (!) but always happy to help out a new person! There's a female book group in Thoiry that I am nominally part of if that interests you (haven't been for a while - oops).

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