Sending gifts to Dubai

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Ineedachange Thu 15-Nov-18 04:29:52

My sister and her family are in Dubai. I’m in the US with my family. My nieces birthday and Christmas are around the corner.

So my question is; how do you do send gifts without spending a fortune on postage?
Otherwise I might just end up sending Amazon vouchers. The kids will be delighted but it doesn’t seem very thoughtful confused

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lrwe Thu 15-Nov-18 04:47:11

Places like next, John Lewis and selfridges all ship directly to Dubai, to the villa door and shipping isn't too horrendous.

Next is free if you spend a specific amount, John Lewis a flat £10 and think selfridges is $25 but you pay less than UK prices.

HotInWinter Thu 15-Nov-18 05:00:14

Yep. Find a company who ship direct. Means you dont get to wrap it, but saves masses on the postage.
Just make sure your sister knows it's coming. There is sometimes customs stuff to clear before you can collect a parcel.

Book depository, hobby craft, ASOS ship to the middle east to.

Or go on the Middle East versions of Amazon - desertcart and souq are the ones I know for Saudi. Think they are based in the Emirates tho.

thefishwhocouldwish Thu 15-Nov-18 05:36:12

Also try Don't send anything by post, it's unlikely they will ever see it. If you are sending something from the UK, use a courier service e.g. DHL.

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