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Anyone recently moved to NZ/moving there soon?

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Haribosmum Wed 20-Jun-07 09:35:24

Hi. We're moving back to NZ on Saturday and I was wondering if anyone was in the same position as us? Really excited, we went over in Oct 05 but came back last June because the homesickness kicked is and I was 3 months pregnant. Those hormones were just too much! But now we're off back to try again and I can't wait. Just wanted to say Hi especially to anyone on the Singapore Airlines flight from Manchester to Auckland on Saturday at 10am!

SSSandy2 Wed 20-Jun-07 09:49:15

good luck this time round haribo. Hope things go well for you.

Haribosmum Wed 20-Jun-07 13:06:33

Thanks SSSandy2! I hope so to!

TheMaskedPoster Wed 20-Jun-07 13:09:48

I wish you all the best Haribo.
I really hope this works for you this time.
We are eventually going to be moving back to NZ (I am a kiwi, DH is English) and I really can't wait and get ever so excited when I hear of others doing it.

sibble Wed 20-Jun-07 22:01:25

Hi, we hve been here for 5 years and live outside Auckland. There are quite a few of us here in NZ now. Where will you be staying?

Haribosmum Thu 21-Jun-07 07:41:31

Were staying on the North Shore. DH has two sisters out there so we're staying with one of them in Glenfield. 48 hours to go!!

SSSandy2 Thu 21-Jun-07 07:47:57

Is your dh a kiwi then? Should be ok if you have family out there. Why didn't you decide to move in summer? It's so much nicer.

Well, I think once you have your house and you can build your nest, take the baby round to toddler groups and things, I think you'll start to really enjoy it. You should all be all set for your first (?) Christmas with your baby in your new home. Something nice to work towards...

Why are you feeling nervous? (Apart from thinking about the horrendous flight that is)

kjaysmum Thu 21-Jun-07 10:17:26

have a good journey Haribosmum. This is definately a top place to bring up kids.

Haribosmum Thu 21-Jun-07 17:48:15

Well I guess we're suckers for punishment coming back in winter! We just couldn't wait!

No ny dh is not a Kiwi. My SIL married a kiwi, got divorced and decided to stay and then married another Kiwi. My other SIL over there married a Kiwi as well.

I know is soooo much better for kids over there. That's the main reason we're coming back. (Oh and the horse I've still got over there LOL)

sibble Thu 21-Jun-07 20:48:13

have safe flights and bring some warm clothes it's * freezing we arrived in September thinking it was going to be warm - Dh is a kiwi - he lied

SSSandy2 Sat 23-Jun-07 11:35:25

d-day and she's on a way. Good luck to the Haribos!

SSSandy2 Sat 23-Jun-07 11:35:42

"the" way

Haribosmum Mon 25-Jun-07 03:51:23

Well get got here safely! Still a bit jet lagged but at least we're on NZ soil again. And the kids were REALLY well behaved on the flight (the bit I was worried about). Weird thing is it feels like we are 'home' even though we were only here 8 months last time. Maybe this is where we are meant to be after all...

SSSandy2 Mon 25-Jun-07 11:41:09

Hi and well done getting there without any mishaps! It really is horrendous that flight, isn't it?!

I am sure this time round everything will go much more smoothly. At least you know what to expect this time. I think you should head off to a chippy and get some nice fish 'n' chips. I would even get some paua fritters although they don't normally do it for me. I love NZ fish and chips. Then I would get a huge packet of jetplanes and totally pig out on them. After that the jetlag should be gone and you'll feel able to face the world!

Let us know how you get on -the good and the bad

MrsJohnCusack Mon 25-Jun-07 11:48:31

hi there
we moved here in September last year and it's great....(if blinkin FREEZING today)
we're in Christchurch. will you be staying around Auckland?

themaskedposter Mon 25-Jun-07 11:48:42

excellent news Haribosmum!

hope you get settled and 'un-jetlagged' soon, and yes, let us know how you get on.

sibble Mon 25-Jun-07 20:41:39

welcome to NZ and the NZ chat sites

Haribosmum Tue 26-Jun-07 08:20:40

Egh! I HATE NZ fish and chips and Paua fritters are another no no!

Yes we will be staying on the North Shore. What's all this stuff about it being cold?! It's berluddy walm!

Went to see my horse today I've not seen for a year, just found out we can have our old cat back we laft last time we were here and our dog and cat arrive from the UK tomorrow as well so all goo so far!

SSSandy2 Tue 26-Jun-07 08:30:46

I admit that paua fritters is maybe taking it too far.
But NZ fish 'n' chips, YUM, and the potato fritters..... Ah drool....

Have you been for a ride on your horse yet then? Do you have a house there still or are you looking for a place now?

themaskedposter Tue 26-Jun-07 11:56:07

at not liking NZ fish and chips!!

they are superb (besides the paua fritters tho - agree with you there)and the hot-dogs on a stick, crab-sticks, pineapple (or banana)fritters smothered in sugar and cinnammon ... mmmmmmm

<<wipes away drool and goes back to a boring ham and cheese wholemeal pita - sigh>>

good news on the animal front tho!

SSSandy2 Tue 26-Jun-07 15:17:25

geez I know! Mind you I even eat chips with mayonnaise these days...when in Rome etc

I'd forgotten about those hotdogs on sticks! Remember eating those with my butt freezing off watching rugby games in the pouring rain weekend after weekend.

Are you living on a farm then Mrs H?

Haribosmum Tue 26-Jun-07 18:21:32

In my dreams Sssandy! But then it would be a huge equestrian farm! No not ridden him yet but hopefully soon.

I just don't like NZ fish and chips. Leave me alone!! . I suppose the fish is ok some places but the chips all seem hard. I just prefer soft food is all! I want a Hell pizza though (mmmmmm) or one of those meat feast pizzas with bbq sauce from pizza hut. I will miss chips cheese and gravy though. Can't forget the look I got the first time I asked if they did gravy in a NZ chip shop. They must of though 'the dirty cow!'

Anyway all this talk abou food is making me hungry! And it's only 5am! (DS1 has decide he's wide awake and DS2 will be awake any moment. Ahh the joys of being a parent!)

sibble Tue 26-Jun-07 20:07:27

don't feel alone I don't like fish and chips either and as for the sausages on sticks don't even get me started . just don't get stuck into the pies, I put on heaps of weight getting into the pie thing when we were first here, it was DH's fault. Where on teh North Shore are you? We have 2 ponies at the moment and DS1 rides but we are the opposite side of town. South.

Haribosmum Wed 27-Jun-07 09:20:26

Yes we're on the North Shore as well. Living in Unswoth Heights in SIL house. My horse is kept at Greenfields Stables on Taupaki Road. Do you know it?

SSSandy2 Wed 27-Jun-07 11:25:04

seeing as how you now have sibble on your side, we'll let you off Mrs H. I know I'm going on about food a bit here but look, haven't you tried really and truly dousing your chips in vinegar? Even NZ chips go soggy that way after a time. Whether they taste nice like that is another question!

Lots of ponies on here!

You aren't missing much weather-wise have to say. It's like autumn here today, cold, blustery, piles of golden leaves under all the trees. So maybe you were right to escape the European summer after all this year!

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