No Rose Tinted Glasses.

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Durbanite12 Thu 20-Sep-18 09:43:24

Hi, wish I could say 'would go back tomorrow' having recently spent a month in SA between the Western Cape and Durban. Sadly, my heart no longer beats for a Country that I lived in for 50yrs where lawlessness prevails, leaving those who live there with no choice but to barricade their homes, constantly be on the lookout for muggers and worse at traffic lights, fight to manage the high cost of living/fuel and schooling, a major concern as parents battle to place their children in schools that don't cost beyond their means.
My holiday, a birthday present to visit beloved friends, was an absolute eye opener that left me in no doubt that my decision to leave SA six years ago was the right one - notwithstanding the anguish I felt to close the door after 50yrs.

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