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So, we've found a house near Munich...

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cheechymunchy Mon 21-May-07 14:15:57

Here we go! After 8 months of dithering, DH is now living in Munich and I will be there in August with DS. I'm SO excited. Are there any people west of Munich out there? We've found a place in Eichenau.

Nightynight Tue 22-May-07 20:25:32

glad you have settled on a house. we are east and a lot further out - west of mch is a mumsnet desert as far as I know

how is the paperwork going?

admylin Thu 24-May-07 09:41:34

Well done for finding a house, I've heard it's extremely difficult to find anything in and around Munich. Was glad when dh said we were moving to berlin because I knew we wouldn't have as much hassle finding a decent place to live!
Good luck with the move.

LucyK1978 Thu 21-Jun-07 13:45:05

Hi cheechymunchy - sorry, only just seen your post since we last 'spoke' on the 'Any Munich mums out there' thread!

Eichenau is a nice little village on the west side of Munich. I have a friend who lives there, and we often go for walks around the village with her baby twins (I am still preg 19 weeks now!)

There is a nice row of shops on the high street, a Lidl supermarket and Eichenau has an s-bahn train station, which takes about 15-20 mins to get into middle of Munich city centre. The motorway is nearby so good access to the city and getting out and about. My friend is also quite new to Eichenau (she's German but speaks near perfect English!) and goes to a mother and baby group in the village which she says has been a great way to meet friends etc.

Good luck with the move and feel free to contact me with 'silly' questions (there's no such thing as a silly question!) and I'll try and help, or when you arrive if you want to get together and go for coffee/cake!

SSSandy2 Sat 23-Jun-07 10:55:50

pack "mixed spice". I can never find that here! Are you all set now then?

LucyK1978 Mon 25-Jun-07 10:06:16

And don't forget to stock up on the basics - custard, paxo, bisto, self raising flour, oxo cubes etc, as you can't get them here!

Oh, and German tampons are HORRIBLE so I always bring a stash of tampax in my suitcase when I go back to UK!

admylin Mon 25-Jun-07 10:19:53

I think there should be a decent british food store in Mumich though(? ). In Berlin there isn't one or if there is it's small and hidden! I can get a lot of things at asian stores (sometimes even marmite) and some things at a high price in KaDeWe.

LucyK1978 Mon 25-Jun-07 10:47:00

There is a small food shop called 'John's corner shop' that sells a lot of British and Irish food, but it is VERY expensive. It's run by the brother of the man who owns one of the big irish pubs, and he will order in fresh bacon or English sausages on request! There's also a couple of mail order comapnies too.

But in honesty, I just love going back to UK and the luxury of Tesco supermarket is absolute heaven! We walk down EVERY aisle, spend hours choosing and stocking up on all our favourite treats - even better when we drive home so have lots of boot space to fill, rather than 20kg EasyJet bagge allowance!

admylin Mon 25-Jun-07 10:53:07

Same here, one of the first things on my list is to head to Asda or Tesco and just enjoy and take it all in! I don't buy anything until it's nearly time to go home! I would love to do it by car one time but we live right up by the Scottish borders so it's a long drive from Berlin.

SSSandy2 Mon 25-Jun-07 10:55:35

.....English bookstores.....
Hugendübel is alright but it just isn't the same

cheechymunchy Mon 25-Jun-07 11:00:52

Hi everyone! Gosh, I'd forgotten about this post. Thanks so much for writing. The house in Eichenau is signed for and our house here has tenants ready to move in. We're wading through health insurance and relocation stuff. Looks like the move will be Monday 6th August. I can't wait - it has been raining solidly for the last 24 hours here and the heating is on! DS is climbing the walls (he's at nursery at the moment).
Just want to be out there now.
LucyK - your mention of a playgroup has brightened my day SO much!! I love going to toddlers here and have made great friends. I'm going to miss that a lot so I'm so happy to hear there's somewhere in Eichenau I can also go. If you have any further details on when it is and what time etc. I'll be sure to start going once I've moved out there.
Thanks everyone on the tips on what to bring over - I'll stock up.
Cheers everyone - you've been so helpful, and look forward to catching up again soon.

SSSandy2 Tue 26-Jun-07 08:32:51

You sound much more excited about the move now cheechy, good luck with everything. Hope you'll have a nice stay in Munich.

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