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newbeedubai Mon 04-Jun-18 10:54:22

We have to be in Dubai for work all of July and August. We have four daughters aged 3, 6, 11 and 13. I am looking for activities to keep them busy.

We are taking our nanny with us and she will organise some activities for them indoors.

I'd really appreciate advise on:

Any organised activities such as swimming etc? We'd consider private lessons for the four of them if we find the right teacher.

Any indoors attractions that they'd enjoy. Museums etc?

Any other tips on making Dubai fun and tolerable in heat.

We will be in the Palm.


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Tweennightmare Tue 05-Jun-18 15:33:04

Dubai is traditionally a quiet time as the majority of expats leave but I believe summer camps will be running ( not sure wether they go as low as age 3 but definately for the older ones) . If you are relocating here it might be worth seeing wether your chosen school is running one or try enrolling at one nearest to your school as it might be a good way for your DDs to make future friends . join British mums Dubai Facebook they will have details. Otherwise there is the snow dome in Mall of Emirates, ice rink in Dubai Mall, IMG theme park is indoors there are indoor climbing centres, , Lego land and motion gate are open late in the evenings and 3 water parks in dubai Buy an entertainer app (family) which will give you two for one on quite a few activities Not sure about the swimming but be careful with the little ones for swimming camps check numbers on these camps and how many supervisors there are as an expat child drowned at one of these camps a few years ago so has put me off a bit. but I am sure you could get a private swimming instructor for over the summer which might be a better option again try BM Dubai Facebook I am sure there will be contacts on there

newbeedubai Wed 06-Jun-18 00:24:53

Thanks! We aren't moving to Dubai. (Just have to be there for two months for work).

Thanks for the advise.

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J4nice Wed 06-Jun-18 04:07:33

Don't go there many Britons get jailed for stupid things like being raped or being inappropriate

If you must go study the law and have a bodyguard

sofato5miles Wed 06-Jun-18 04:20:45

The 3 and 6 year olds will be easier to entertain but I don't know if local activity camps will accept anyone under 5. For the eldest two, I'd consider sending them to a couple of residential activity camps in Europe to break it up a bit as they may get lonely./ bored without many others the same age.

Tweennightmare Wed 06-Jun-18 06:11:07

Ignore J4nice Dubai is one of the safest places in the world on a day to day basis . Thought of a few other things Kidzania is in Dubai Mall along with an aquarium . There is also VR park for the older ones there. For the little one there is a place called OliOli which is popular (mine are older so don’t really know that age range activities). There are paddle board lessons and an indoor trampoline park called Jump To be honest there is quite a lot to do the problem with Dubai is that it is very expensive so you can burn through money and dont under estimate how hot it is here 45 degrees so it is easy to get cabin fever as you need to be indoors most the day. sofas idea of breaking it up with Europe is not a bad one

Salavart62 Tue 19-Jun-18 10:54:07

You can buy a soft play pass for fun works/city for 100aed per child, valid for 100days unlimited entry. Very handy in the hot days as kidzania etc get very expensive.
Definitely join British mums Dubai, loads of people stay for the summer and there’s plenty to do indoors.
Good advice re entertainer- you’ll make your money back in one waterpark visit.
Let them stay up later as loads things don’t start til 6pm.

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