Need some advice on leave to remove!!!

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Melissa2018 Sun 20-May-18 19:53:37

Just signed up to this so not sure if I’m posting on the right thing but I’m desperate for some advice as my legal aid hasn’t come through yet!

I want to move to Spain and have a 3 year old, I have family there and it’s like home for me.. I have been offered two jobs and have a place ready for us if we want it.
Here I will be going into temporary accommodation.
So I suggested to my ex that I wanted to move and if he would agree, he then didn’t reply but instead went and got a court order for our passports to be taken off of us, so after that I told my solicitor that I wanted to apply for a leave to remove application. We tried mediation and he wouldn’t budge. (This is just what’s happened recently)
My sons dad was on bail about two years ago for stalking, threatening and harassing me for 6 months in the 4 months he was he didn’t see our child, he now sees him once a week. Now he is getting nasty and recording me all the time, introducing our child to his girlfriends without me meeting her first and it’s getting out of hand, he is a compulsive liar and lies all the time about anything I don’t trust him at all and don’t trust him with our child but I have to let him see him or it goes against me I’ve been told, I just need advice or success stories on people that have been granted the leave to remove and also how long it will take, I’m so unhappy with everything that’s going on I just hope we can move to we can both have a better life. I apologise if that didn’t make much sense I tried to shorten it as much as I could.

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marjorie25 Tue 29-May-18 00:56:38

You need to do the same as him, document everything.
Do not get into a verbal altercation with him, you will just be feeding his ego.
If you can record him without his knowledge do so (not sure if this is legal, you will have to find out).
If he is paying child support, keep a very good records.
Make a note of all the girlfriends that your son is introduced to.

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