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Wanderingbutnotlost Fri 27-Apr-18 10:24:36

So there's two parts to this

Context: I'm a recent postgrad graduate who's taken up a job in china starting August for a year or longer if I want to stay on. Not a clue where I'm going yet or year in teaching etc. This is all to come.

One) I started a new job lately solely for making more money for moving expenses etc. Got called into my MD's office for an event we were trying to organise but mid conversation, she turns around and goes what's this about you moving to Thailand or something? Is this job solely for that? Of course I had to lie and say no because even though I am leaving, I've already got someone to take my place who is far better at it than I am. But I haven't a clue how they found out. I've signed no contracts for new job nor told anyone outside of my family. Is this the norm?

Two) as I said, I'm going to China and I'm trying to think of things to pack that will be good for teaching. Any suggestions on clothing and what I can get over there?

TroubledLichen Fri 27-Apr-18 14:46:59

1) Have you posted something about the China move on social media? Or has the agency or whoever you got the teaching job through contacted them for a reference?

2) It will be easy to buy suitable clothes in a big city, maybe not so much if you end up somewhere more rural. Then there’s the individual school’s dress code and the climate, which will vary widely depending on where in China you are. Maybe wait until you know where you are going then contact the school/agency to ask about the dress code.

thefishwhocouldwish Fri 27-Apr-18 17:38:22

Post on Teaching Overseas community.

Wanderingbutnotlost Fri 27-Apr-18 18:08:32

@troubledlichen I haven't done either which is why I was incredibly shocked. The references I gave were university lecturers and a boss from when I was just 18 (who's like a second mother/older sister) but she's incredibly discreet about these sorts of things.

I think it was more of a shock of how md changed subject so quickly to that that put me off. Especially since I'm not liking this job a lot and am thinking of leaving earlier than planned (there's a bit of workplace bullying going on and prisonlike security checks that make me think retail looks good again)

TroubledLichen Fri 27-Apr-18 18:32:53

That is so bizarre! If this job is on your CV, do you think it’s possible someone called them to verify your employment history even if you didn’t actually list them as a reference? Otherwise I’m with you and am at a total loss... Anyway sounds like a very good job you’re leaving, hope you love it in China!

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