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Which visa Australia for 1-2 years

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Snowballz Thu 08-Mar-18 16:16:04


We're just starting looking into the feasibility of this any help would be great.

My partner (same sex) and I are married. DP is Australian and both our DC have Aus passports. DC never lived in Aus. They are all dual nationality except me, just British.

We've had a tough time lately and we've always thought we might do a year or 2 in Aus. There is a chance my DP can get a contract job.

My Dbro is also married to an Australian and lives in Aus. They've been there quite a long time.

No family here except aging Dparents which is why we've not already gone.

We don't want to go for good. We're sure of that now. Of course that might change.

All the visa look for me to be for permanent moves. Can I get something cheaper and more temporary? I don't want to be in a tricky visa situation where I have to leave my kids for example. I don't envisage problems but my DP family aren't 100% behind us for example.

Has anyone done this for 1-2 years. Our DC are still quite young. Would they be entitled to a school place?

Before we start a proper process some advice appreciated.

We plan to rent out UK house out.

At the moment the main issue is what to do with our beloved cats!

sunbunnydownunder Fri 09-Mar-18 03:49:16

As your DC hold Australian Citizenship they are entitled to everything any Australian is.
Once your kids are classed as permanently here If you want to go home to the UK and your partner doesn't you can't take them out of the country.

No idea about visas but if I were you I would get a permanent one so you aren't paying out for different visas in the event you decide to stay long term.

SD1978 Fri 09-Mar-18 04:00:23

Depends on what you want. Could go on a spousal visa, or a 457. 457 is a four year working visa, which you can then apply for residency after, which you wouldn’t need to. But it’s a skilled migrant visa, so depends on what your current job is and if there is a need for that specialty in Aus at the time.

MaitlandGirl Fri 09-Mar-18 04:32:06

I think the only visa open to you is a spousal visa, depending on how you’ve been married you might be granted the perm visa (subclass 100) straight away, rather than the temp visa (subclass 309).

You’ll need to ensure your partner can support you until you find work but your children will be entitled to everything an Australian born child is (health care, education, family tax benefits etc).

The other way would be to come over on a working holiday visa and apply for an onshore spousal visa but there are specific requirements for the WHV and you might not be eligible.

Have a look at the British expats forum - they have some very knowledgeable people posting there and there are a few agents too. You won’t need an agent for this application, it’s expensive enough for the spousal visa without adding in agents fees.

MaitlandGirl Fri 09-Mar-18 04:40:06

Just looked at the cost - crap it got expensive!! It’s 5.5x more expensive than when I emigrated in 2009.

If you’re serious about doing this be aware that prices go up again at the beginning of July (new tax year) and again in January.

DeniseBest Fri 09-Mar-18 04:51:09

MaitlandGirl I know, the cost!!! I came over in 2003.

If you live where your username suggests I'm half hour away from you grin

Snowballz Fri 09-Mar-18 06:01:16

Thanks everyone

I'm too old for working hol visa (and I had one in 2002!)

Was thinking about tourist visa (which does mean I can't work. DP not that impressed 😆). We do think it will be max 2 years. The spousal visa looks to be 7000 AUD!

I do have a professional job but it won't be on the list. But theoretically I could come and then get sponsored maybe?? Does that still happen?? In 2003 I got offered a sponsored job but returned to UK (long story). We still don't think we'll be back for good. In particular we are worried about pensions as we'll be in the position of not having done enough in either country I think.

MaitlandGirl Fri 09-Mar-18 06:53:05

Denise I’m about half an hour out towards Dungog but shop in Maitland smile

Snowballz your best bet would be to post on the immigration board on British expats. They should be able to help or at least advise on the best way to do it.

bigfatbuddha Fri 09-Mar-18 06:59:14

The spousal visa would be the easiest option in this case. If you go on a 457 you might want to check how that effects the costs of school etc. it's really expensive to get a visa for Oz, I know.

Regarding the kids you might want to read up on the Hague convention. If you want to leave and your DP doesn't then they might be able to keep the kids in the country. I believe that Australia has ratified the Hague convention so it could be important.

DeniseBest Sat 10-Mar-18 00:32:15

MaitlandGirl, I've enjoyed a few schooners at the Bank Hotel in Dungog. I think I've been in the Royal as well. grin

ItchyBites Sun 11-Mar-18 08:03:43

It would probably need to be a spouse visa, unless your occupation is on one of the lists for either a skilled or an employer sponsored visa (skills still need to be on one of two lists for this). Ask on the Poms in Oz forum, there are loads of helpful people on there.

Snowballz Sun 11-Mar-18 17:36:48

Thank you everyonr

The British expat website is really helpful

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